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Since 1998 we have developed or redesigned literally hundreds of Aabaco/Yahoo Stores and enhanced over two thousand existing Aabaco/Yahoo Stores with custom features. A partial list of Aabaco/Yahoo Stores we've built or otherwise enhanced can be found on our Aabaco/Yahoo Store Portfolio page.

Popular Aabaco/Yahoo Store Enhancements:

Barebones Editor Only Template
Speed up your editor sessions with a highly simplified, production-oriented layout that works in the Aabaco Store editor only.
Dynamic Content Filtering
Our dynamic filtering solution allows your potential customer to narrow the offerings within any category page by selecting one or more attributes.
Rich Snippets for Aabaco/Yahoo Stores
Rich snippets are special tags letting the search engines identify the important pieces of data on your pages: product name, price, availability, etc., and may help your search results stand out among the others.
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Order Downloader
Our Order Dowloader lets you download your Yahoo Store orders in a CSV and include the credit card information removed from the standard Yahoo order download on October 9, 2012.
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Promotions Center Installation
Let us install an configure the Yahoo! Promotions Center operators in your store. Take advantage of promotions more advanced than what's possible using only coupons.
Dynamic Best Sellers for Aabaco/Yahoo Stores
Our Dynamic Bestsellers tool displays the items that are truly best selling in your store at any given time based on actual sales.
Enhanced Checkout Error Reporting
Increase your conversion rate by making the Yahoo! Store checkout's error reporting more streamlined. Help your shoppers zip through checkout rather than frustrating them with long and hard to notice error messages.
Back in Stock Notification Package
Let your customers sign up to be notified automatically when an out of stock item becomes available. Zero maintenance!
Floating Mini Shopping Cart
Fully functional mini shopping cart right on the product and section pages. Allows adding items to the cart without leaving the product or section page.
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Dynamic Keywords Insertion Tool
Our Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool makes sure the page title visible to your site visitor is the same as the keyword or keyphrase the visitor searched for before getting to your Yahoo! Store Page.
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Productivity Pack
Turbocharge your productivity and get more done in less time with our Yahoo Store Productivity Pack. The result of years of experience and based on extensive feedback from Yahoo Store merchants like you, the Yahoo Store Productivity Pack is a collection of enhancements and features that let you use the Yahoo Store editor to streamline your and your team's work.
Twitter, Facebook Like, Pinterest and Google +1 buttons for Aabaco/Yahoo Stores
We install the Tweet and Facebook "Like" buttons (plus Google+ and Pinterest) in your store regardless whether you have custom templates or not, or whether your store is based on the 2.0 or 3.0 template sets.
Product Comparison for Aabaco/Yahoo Stores
Let your visitors compare any number of products side by side - close more sales!
Magic Magnifier (Magic Zoom)
Show a dynamic blown up detail view of your product images.
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Checkout Customization
Change the checkout pages to match the look and feel of the rest of your store. Increase shopper confidence and close more sales. Read more...
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Customer Registration
The Yahoo Store Customer registration feature is out of beta. Offer your customers the choice to register using their Yahoo, AOL, or Google ID (other Open ID providers will be added by Yahoo soon.)
Tabbed Product Specifications
Save valuable screen real estate by breaking up your product description into pages with tabs (
Questions and Answers for Aabaco Store
Show relevant questions and answers on each product page and let visitors submit additional questions about any product right from the product page.
Customer Reviews for your Aabaco/Yahoo Store
One of our most popular add-ons. Let your customers post reviews or ratings of your store's products. Fully functional, self-maintaining (no need to receive the reviews and post them yourself to your store). Works seemlessly with any editor-based Yahoo! Store (requires php/mysql-enabled web hosting such as Yahoo! Merchant Solutions).
Snap Ticket
Allows store visitors to access complete item detail information (image, price, description, etc) by hovering the mouse over the product thumbnails on section pages without actually leaving the section page. Increase conversion and add sophistication to your site.
Password-protected Wholesale Area for Aabaco/Yahoo Stores
Create a password-protected area right within your store editor accessible only to those whom you provide with a password.
Dynamic Pagination with Dynamic Sorting / Filtering
Automatically break up large sections into multiple pages without having to rearrange the items in any way. Dramatically improves the load time of large sections. (
Smart Breadcrumbs
Our Smart Breadcrumbs follow the visitor, so if a page is part of more than one section, the breadcrumbs will still be correct!
Aabaco/Yahoo Store Image Slideshow
Allows you to upload any number of images with their associated destination URLs and it rotates the images at a configurable interval. Random rotation, image change upon page refresh, advance controls, etc. available.
Multiple Product Images for Aabaco/Yahoo Store
One of our most popular Yahoo! Store add-ons
By default, Yahoo! Store gives you one additional image per product (via the "inset" property). Break the barrier and provide your customers with multiple views of the same product and increase your store's conversion rate (read more...)
Random Testimonials
Show a different customer testimonial each time a page loads. Showing a different testimonial on each page visit is a great trust-building element. Testimonials show that your store has actual customers, and that those customers are happy with the service or products they received. ( or right here at
Recently Viewed Items
Show thumbnails and hyperlinks to the most recently viewed items much like eBay does it. As you browse the site, items you visited are saved in a cookie and displayed (typically) at the bottom of the page.
Cross Sells with Multi-Add
An extension of the Cross Sell feature. Not only shows the related products but also allows the visitor to check-mark the related products and add them all to the shopping cart with a single click on the "Order" button.
"You Save..."
Show your customers how much they will save (for items with sale prices) either as a dollar amount or as a percentage (or both.)
Quantity Price Table
For stores that offer quantity discount pricing, this feature reformats the price into vertical or horizontal tables.
Random Best Sellers
Similar to the regular best sellers but here you can set up a pool of items to feature, and only a portion of them (also specified by you) are shown at random.
Rapid Edit for Aabaco/Yahoo Store
Allows you to edit any page through its link in the store editor. You don't actually have to go to a page and wait until it loads before you can hit Edit to make changes to it. Save tons of time!
Automatic "Clearance" Page
This feature allows you to create a special section that will include all on-sale items (those with a sale price) completely automatically. No need to copy on-sale items, they appear in the clearance page as soon as a sale price is entered and disappear from the clearance page if the sale price is removed (
Shop by Price
An automatic "shop by price" page. You define the price range (from $x to $y) and the items that fall within the range automatically appear in this special section without having to copy them. (
Best Sellers
Usually located at the right of the home page as an additional column, best sellers let you highlight products. This is in addition to the built-in "Specials" feature.
Email A Friend
Let visitors to your site email their friends interesting products they find in your store. (Requires php-enabled web hosting such as Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.)
"Fly-out" DHTML Menus
This features gives direct, quicker access to the first level sub-sections in your store by showing a menu of the sub-sections when the mouse hovers over the navigation buttons.
View our Portfolio
View our Portfolio
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