The Cart Closer by Exclusive Concepts

YTimes recommends The Cart Closer 2.0

Why? It "brings in a lot of revenue"

Those are the unsolicited words of Steve Berg, owner of Patriots Surplus, who also said:
The application works fantastically. It converts at over 40% [...] and we fetch back a lot of customers.
Steve is one of hundreds of Aabaco, Magento, and BigCommerce merchants who use The Cart Closer to prevent cart abandonment by 8% on average.
You are eligible to try it risk free for 30 days (new merchants only).
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Sample offer from Cart Closer
8% drop in cart abandonment network wide
Conversions On Demand compared the cart abandonment rate of 128 stores across 430,000 unique cart visitors who activated Cart Closer 2.0. Average cart abandonment rate plummeted from 77.72% to 70.84%. That's a big deal.
Graph showing impact of Cart Closer 2.0 on abandonment rate
A/B Testing shows $20 gained per $1 spent
One store that did split testing generated results suggesting a $235,097.28 net increase in annual revenue by implementing Cart Closer 2.0. After the success fee paid to Conversions On Demand, that's a 20:1 return on incremental revenue compared to cost. Where else can you get a return on investment like that? Testing shows those customers otherwise would not have made a purchase.
What are you waiting for?
There's no charge for setup and you may try The Cart Closer for 30-days at no cost. If it works for you, keep using it. If not, cancel, and it won't cost you anything. Have questions? Email
What's great about The Cart Closer version 2.0?
  • Perfectly timed offers thanks to patented mouse-gesture monitoring
  • Elegant offer design (and a gallery of other templates you can choose from)
  • Display offers where abandonment happens the most (on store pages, not cart)

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