Conversions on Demand with Exclusive Concepts

Conversions On Demand is a suite of solutions designed to prevent shoppers from leaving your site before making a purchase. Years of testing and data analysis power each application. Choose any or all of our applications to improve your store results. Installation is Free and you get a 30 Day FREE Trial.

The Cart Closer the premier cart abandonment solution

Cart Abandonment is the single biggest problem an ecommerce site faces. For every $1 in store sales, $2 is lost. Thats the bad news. The good news is that this is a huge opportunity for sales improvement. If we can just "save" 5% of the carts that are abandoned we can improve store sales by more than 10%.

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The Cart Closer detects that a shopper is abandoning the cart and presents them an offer to complete the sale.
  • The Cart Closer is tightly integrated with the shopping cart and will apply the selected offer type immediately to the shoppers cart.
  • The shopper sees the offer only after attempting to abandon the cart and will not see it on any future visits (unless the store owner opts to allow shoppers to see offers on return visits).
  • Other cart abandonment solutions send an email after the shopper has abandoned the cart, but is the shopper still interested, did the email get lost or ignored?
  • The best time to close the sale is when the shopper has already made it all the way to the cart and is one click away from completing the sale.
  • Select different offers (i.e. discounts, free shipping and free gifts) for different cart totals to control your margins.

Time2Buy making reluctant shoppers into buyers

  • Target site browsers and not buyers
  • Set up offers for different segments of shoppers
  • Manage your offers in real time to maximize results

The Daily Deal Bar the easy promotions management solution

  • Promotions appear on all store pages
  • Promotions are automatically published on Twitter
  • Promotions can be queued up to be published days, weeks and months in advance
  • Peel Away Ads included

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