Converting Keywords

Your converting keywords are those that - well, - convert. Meaning, keywords people used to get to your site and ended up buying something. Converting keywords are your best friend. Why? Because you don't have to guess at what they are; you already know these are keywords or key phrases that bring in sales because they already have.

Converting keywords are kind of buried in your store manager. To find them, you need to go into the Orders page, look at the orders, and write down the keywords you see under "Rev-share URL". Not every order will have a Rev-share url entry, and not every one of those entries are meaningful. Orders that do have meaningful Rev-share URLs will have something like this in there:

This one is from our store, and this entry shows that the this person did a search on Google for "Learn RTML". This tells me that "Learn RTML" is a converting key phrase for me, so I make sure to 1) optimize for this in the site (have a page with this phrase in the title, description, and body) and 2) add this key phrase to my Google AdWords and Overture campaigns.