A few cool Turbify editor links

If you regularly work in the Turbify editor, here are a few links you should know about (replacing storeid with the Turbify account ID of your particular store):

  • http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/MGR.storeid - this is a direct link to your store's Store Manger page. If you are always logged in with your yahoo ID (as I am), this can save you some time getting into your store manager without going through the main Yahoo Small Business page. Actually, what I do is I make my store's Manager link my browser's home page. That way, each time I open my web browser, it opens up with my store manager loaded.
  • http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/NEWEDIT.storeid - this links to the Editor of your Turbify.
  • http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/NEWEDIT.storeid/index.html  - same as above, but it also takes you to index.html within your editor. That might not be a timesaver since by default when you go to your store editor, you end up on the home page (index.html). However, you can replace index.html with any other page within your store.
  • Once you are in the store editor, you'll see in your browser's address box a link similar to this one: http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/NEWEDIT.storeid/2aaab7ff3ae5/CkOM7AAQ. If you know the ID of a page you want to go to (take for example info,) then you can quickly go to that page (within the editor) by erasing the last part of the above URL up to but not including the / character, and entering your target page's id there followed by .html like this: http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/NEWEDIT.storeid/2aaab7ff3ae5/info.html . Now hit Enter, and presto, you are on that page (info.html in this case.)
  • An extension of the previous tip is to add ?dired=1 to the end of the address to not just go to that page, but automatically edit it. This is like navigation to the page and clicking on edit in one step. Here is an example: http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/NEWEDIT.storeid/2aaab7ff3ae5/info.html?dired=1
  • Finally, you can go to this link http://edit.store.yahoo.com/RT/MGR.storeid/NEWEDIT_STATUS to see the status of your most recent publish. This can be especially useful if you have a large store and publishing takes a long time. You can start publishing, then close your browser, and if you want to check on how things are going, you can just go back to the above URL, or enter your store's account below and click "View Status"