How to point a domain to your store

The following instructions are from Yahoo! Tech Support describing the steps required to point a domain to the Turbify Editor site.

II. Instructions:

1. You will need to go to the Registrar for your domain and do the following:

* Change the nameserver information for your domain to use our nameserver information:

Primary Nameserver: Primary IP Address: (may not be required)

Secondary Nameserver: Secondary IP Address: (may not be required)

Most Registrars will complete the changes within 24 hours. Once your domain name information is changed as noted above, you can return to your Store Manager to complete the transfer of the domain to your Store. The interface will recognize when the domain name information has been changed as noted above and allow you to finalize the transfer.

2. Once the Registrar for your domain name has made the necessary changes, you will need to follow these steps to complete the transfer process:

* Login to your Store Manager.

* Click on the "Domain Names" Link in the Site Settings column.

* On the page that comes up, click on the "Move it" link.

* On the next page, enter the domain name you wish to transfer and click on the "Continue" button.

* Verify that the domain name is yours, then click "Yes, this is my domain name." button.

* The domain name you wish to transfer will be checked, if you wish to continue through the transfer process, please click the "Continue" button.

* Set up your service information then click on "Enter Payment Information."

* Create and verify your Yahoo! Wallet account, if you have already created a Yahoo! Wallet you will skip this step.

* Review your order then click "Place my Order."

The domain name transfer will become active within 24-48 hours.

Next you will set up your Domains account to point to your Turbify.

First create the URL forward.

3. Go to:

and click on "Manage My Domains" and then "Domain Record Manager"

4. Under "Forward Domain" enter your destination. For example: to have both and point to the correct domain name, enter and click on "Add Record".

Second, create the CNAME record.

5. Under the "Add DNS Record" section of the Domains Record Manager page you will see a field called "Host Name". Enter "www." in this field. In the "Destination" field you will enter this address:

So if your Turbify accountname is "mystore" you would enter:

6. Click "Add Record" after you have filled out both of these fields.

It is necessary to go through the CNAME and URL Forwarding creation because you can't create a CNAME record without a prefix on the domain (ex. you can create one for but not

So the URL Forward sends: ----to---->

This way if a user types in "" you will not loose that traffic.

Then, when they are at they will see your store and your domain URL.

Important Note: When submitting your store to search engines you will need to submit the address with the www (ex.

Finally we will need to set up your Turbify to be ready to accept the traffic. After you have created your domain you will need to wait 24 hours before your domain will begin working.

7. From your Manager click on "Domain Names" and then "add" next to Hostname

8. Enter your domain name and click on "Next"

9. At the bottom of the page click on "Setup a hostname on this domain." and follow the steps to complete this process.

After this is done your domain will usually be set up and working to following day.