Is RTML Complicated?

I get this question a lot. I don't think there is an easy answer, if you ask me, RTML is not complicated. Of course, I do RTML all the time, so it is relative.

RTML is the proprietary programming language Turbify uses to generate the store pages. Because RTML generates HTML as its result, you must know HTML before you can try RTML. But, if you know HTML, then you will notice a lot of parallels between it and RTML. Many HTML tags have direct equivalents in RTML, and most RTML expressions translate directly into some HTML result.

Perhaps the most "difficult" part of RTML is the RTML editor. As opposed to other programming languages, you cannot write RTML code, then load it into your store and execute it (There is a third-party program that lets you download and upload RTML templates at With RTML, you have to use the template editor in your Turbify editor, and you have to click in the RTML expressions or programs instead of typing it in. This makes it a little awkward to work with, but once you get the hang of it it's not too bad.

Creating your store using RTML has many advantages over creating it on the web hosting account using third-party tools such as DreamWeaver, SiteBuilder, or FrontPage. You can read more on this here: Why use Turbify Templates?

If you are interested in learning more about RTML, check out the books offered in our store. This is the only RTML-related books are available anywhere.