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Yahoo! Store category pages usually have very little content, but because they often contain thumbnail images for each link, the overall download size of those thumbnails may "weigh down" the category page making it slow to load. Speed it up using "Lazy Load"! With this feature, only those thumbnails which are visible, i.e. those above the "fold" (the visible part of the page), are downloaded from the server. The rest of the images are not downloaded until they are needed. Our "Lazy Load" script waits for the visitor to scroll down the page before instantly displaying the images for the portion of the page which is now in view. Only at that point does the next set of (visible) images gets downloaded from the server, leading to a more efficient page load.

We set this up on all of the page types where possible, so you can see an instant lift in page speed score not only on the category pages, but possibly on the home and product pages as well.

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