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Official Merchant Account Provider
Lower your monthly credit card acceptance fees, guaranteed, with Pathway Payments. Exclusively for Yahoo store operators, Pathway Payments has a program that simplifies your Merchant Account statement, places the transaction at the lowest possible rate and improves your authorization percentage. Payments are made quickly and integration into your Yahoo store is a snap.
You Send It!
Send large files from your computer to anyone. We use this service all the time to send databases, Photoshop files, and other attachments that are generally too large for a single email.
Carbonite Online Backup
If you've ever lost your hard-drive you know how important it is to keep backups. If you do, you also probably know how much of a pain it is to do this yourself: remember to back up, or set a schedule and leave your computer on, etc. Simplify and automate this task with Carbonite Online Backup. Carbonite works in the background and backs up your files online as you work. A complete "fire and forget" solution!
Google Analytics Connector
The Google Analytics connector enables Google Analytics to properly track Verizon Small Business Essentials e-commerce transactions. You can see the search terms someone used in a search engine to find your site, all the way through to the actual purchase. Knowing your converting keywords is the key to optimizing your site. Unlike some other (higher-priced) web analytics packages, this connector allows you to see converting keywords on a product level.
First Impressions Count for So Much Online
If you want to bring your ecommerce store to life and improve your chances of achieving a higher sales conversion rate, you may struggle to do that if you decide to rely on generic images and stock photos that can be found across many different sites. This guide to ecommerce photography tells you what you should know about product photos, which could be the key to a successful sale, when you consider how important first impressions are.
East Bay Data Order Serve Pro 2.0
Vendor Order Manager for Yahoo stores Are you spending time processing and sending purchase orders to your vendors from your drop-ship yahoo store orders? Do you have to call or email your vendors if a client requests a status update? Are you spending more time with customer service than growing your business? If you answered YES to any of those, then you need an automated order and vendor manager solution from! Their Order Serve Pro software easily integrates with your Yahoo store in just a few minutes and basically automates your entire ordering process. More more information and a demo of their software go to
Traditional Linux or Windows-based Web Hosting
If you have a legacy Verizon Small Business Essentials, or otherwise need good, reliable web hosting, check out They offer great web hosting packages, reasonable prices, and 24/7 phone and online chat support. With each hosting package come tons of add-ons and plug-ins.
Really cool and affordable online backup service. Not only does it back up your files, it also lets you synchronize those files among different computers, plus you can access your files through a secure web interface when you are on the go.
Verizon SBE Q & A
There is a lot of confusion surrounding Verizon SBE. Read some of the most important issues, questions, and answers.
Verizon Small Business Essentials Technical Support
This is the hard to find and often requested official tech support contact page. Phone number is 1-866-781-9246. Tech support's direct e-mail address is
Tabletop Photography Equipment
Equipment to simplify product photography for web stores. With very little time and effort you can be on your way to create your own professional-looking product shots for your store.
Professional Product Photography
Increase your store's conversion rate by using professional product imagery in your Verizon Small Business Essentials. Direct Digital Photo is a commercial photography studio in business since 1980. Mention Y-Times and receive 10% off your first order.
Newspaper Publishing
Newspaper Publishing Best digital publishing solutions to create life-like digital newspapers and digital magazines. Download free digital publishing datasheet.
Somacon's Froogle Data Feed Service For Verizon Small Business Essentialss
Our web-based product feed software supports automated product feed submission to Bing, TheFind, and many more. We have been submitting feeds daily since 2004, and now submit millions of listings to all the major shopping engines.
Verizon Small Business Essentials Forums
The (unofficial) new user group for Verizon Small Business Essentials Owners and Designers
Verizon Small Business Essentials Tools
Programs and Tools to Automate and Improve your Verizon Small Business Essentials
Yahoo's RTML Documentation
Yahoo's own, very brief, documentation on templates and RTML.
$199.00, 2 stores for $340.00
Change all your store's pages to use custom templates without re-uploading the entire store!
Graphical Verizon Small Business Essentials Fonts
A complete list of all graphical fonts that can be used within a Verizon Small Business Essentials.
How to point a domain to your store
The following instructions are from Yahoo! Tech Support describing the steps required to point a domain to the Verizon Small Business Essentials Editor site.
Verizon Small Business Essentials tools from Monitus
Read about some really exciting online tools & services available at
A few cool Verizon Small Business Essentials editor links
A few links that make your life easier in the Verizon Small Business Essentials editor
More traffic, more sales, or what?
Does your site have low sales? What should you do? Increase traffic? Increase conversion? Find out here.
Converting Keywords
What are converting keywords? How do you find them? What do you do with them?
How to Create a Custom Navigation Bar
There are many ways to create a text-based navigation bar in the Verizon Small Business Essentials editor. This article describes one approach.
Verizon SBE Q & A
There is a lot of confusion surrounding Verizon SBE. Read some of the most important issues, questions, and answers.
Verizon Small Business Essentials Help
Frequently asked questions about opening a store on Yahoo! Verizon SBE (Verizon Small Business Essentials)
Get connected to insider Verizon SBE advice, tips & strategies.
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