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You may have received an email from Yahoo! Small Business (YSB) informing you of the impending security updates to the Yahoo! Small Business APIs. As part of this security update the domain names used in the YSB API calls will change and the current API domain names will be retired on May 31, 2019. If you have any tools, outside services, or apps that currently use the APIs to access your store, those processes will need to be updated, otherwise they will stop working once the current API domains are turned off.

What will change?

All API domains will only allow TLS1.2 and the domain names will cange from * to * . Additionally, the yahoo store id will not be part of the URL:

Original Hostname New Hostname

How do I know if this affects me?

To check active access to your store's API, log into your store manager, click "Real-Time Links", and then "API Settings". You will then see a table containing all the companies with API access to your store. Sort the table by "Token Expiry". The ones that haven't expired have active access and you will want to contact those companies to make sure their code will work by the May 31 deadline.

What if I'm not sure or I don't understand what I'm looking at?

If you'd rather have someone knowledgeable review your situation, let us check your store settings and provide you with recommendations as to whether you need anything done in your hosting account or not in preparation for this security upgrade. If you order this service from us, we will need Administrator Access to your store.

Please Note, if you currently use our Customer Reviews app, that app may require an upgrade in order for it to work with the updated security. The upgrade has a fee associated with it and we will inform you if that upgrade is necessary or not.

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