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For Turbify owners and designers

If you recognized the need for your store to use customized templates and you already have your templates customized, you'll be faced with the task of switching your existing pages to use your customized templates.

If your store does not have a large number of pages, or if you are using the Database Upload feature to populate your store then switching the templates is not a difficult task.

However, if you operate a large store (with hundreds or thousands of pages) and you are not using the database upload method, the only way to switch templates was to manually edit each page and replace the existing template name with that of your customized one. Because of the time requirement of such a manual update, switching a large store to customized templates was nearly if not all impossible.

At least until now...

Y-Times Publications TemplateXchange service can change the templates in all of your store's pages without re-loading your store no matter how many pages your store might have!

PLEASE NOTE: TemplateXchange is a service to switch the templates of your store's pages to the custom template you specify and already have. It is NOT a service to provide you with custom templates. In other words, the service does not include the design or construction of customized templates for your store, nor is it used to take an existing HTML design and turn it into RTML. If you need customized templates, please visit our Consultation page.

How TemplateXchange Works?

  1. You order the service online
  2. We contact you to schedule a time for the conversion. For very large stores, the conversion may take several hours(over 8 or 10 in some cases).
  3. We also provide you with instructions on how to allow us access to your store.
If you have any questions about TemplateXchange, feel free to contact us.

Questions & Answers about TemplateXchange

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