Turbify Database Upload Sample Excel Spreadsheet

Download the sample Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet from here.

Most of this information is also online at https://help.smallbusiness.turbify.net/s/article/SLN18725

ID and Code: This is the SKU or catalog number of your products. Use only letters and numbers and no spaces.

Name: Product name

Path: This tells which section the product will be in. For example, if you enter Shirts here, the product will go into the Shirts section. To specify "deeper" sections, separate the sections with colons. For example, to put an item in the Blue Shirts sub-section within the Shirts main section, you would enter Shirts:Blue Shirts for Path.

Price and Sale-price: these are self-explanatory. If you are going to offer quantity discounts (discounts if someone orders more than one of the same item) you might want to refer to this page: https://help.smallbusiness.turbify.net/s/article/SLN18763

Options: here you can specify selectable options for your products (such as color, size, etc.) The format for this is also described here: https://help.smallbusiness.turbify.net/s/article/SLN18747

Headline: this is an alternate title for your products. You can use this to enter line breaks for example in the product's name.

Caption: This is where the description of the product goes. You can include HTML here. This will be shown as the caption on your product pages.

Abstract: this is optional, but you can use this field to enter a brief description for your product. This brief description usually shows up on section pages next to or below the thumbnails.

Label: usually not used.

Ship-weight: if you are going to calculate your shipping costs based on weight, enter the product's shipping weight here otherwise you can leave it blank.

Availability: this is again optional; If you want to you can include things like "Usually Ships the Same Business Day", etc.

Product-url: this is the full URL of the product. It should be https://www.yourstoredomainname.com/id.html where id is the product id (see above). Read our blog post about product-url here.

Leaf: should be set to Yes for all products.

If you plan to upload the product images in bulk, the images need to be named the same as the ID of the product they belong the. For example, if you have a product whose ID is ABC1000, then its image needs to be named abc1000.jpg (or abc1000.gif, depending on what image format you are using.) For more information on the multiple image upload feature, please read https://help.smallbusiness.turbify.net/s/article/SLN18594.