Turbify tools from Monitus

I posted a brief article in the "Resources" section about Monitus.net's Google Analytics Connector for Turbifys. It's a great tool that lets a Turbify send conversion information (transactions) to Google Analytics making it possible to really do merchandising (figure out product performance, conversion rate, conversion values, converting keywords, etc.) using Google Analytics.

But Monitus didn't stop there. Since introducing this great tool Mike Whitaker and his team have been working hard adding more invaluable tools to their service offerincs. Here is what else they have now:

Keyword Monkey
This tool collects all converting and non-converting keywords for your Turbify(s). The tool shows you each keyword, the number of visits, and the number of conversions for each keyword. Not only that, it also tells you whether the particular keyword appears anywhere in the title or caption of your store pages. This is an extremely important piece of information because knowing that a converting keyword does not exist in your store you can create "landing pages" optimized for those converting keywords. You can also download the keyword list, or have Monitus.net email the list to you each week.

Cart Recovery
Ever wondered how many people start to check out in your store, but don't actually complete the purchase? Have you ever wished there was a way to contact these people? Well, wish no more! Monitus's Cart Recovery Tool will figure this out for you, and send you an email when a cart is abandoned in your store. The email contains the shopper's name, email, and the product or products they had in their cart when they left. You can then send them a brief email asking them if they needed any help or had any questions. You'll be surprised how many of these "lost customers" you can bring back just by being a little proactive.

Zero Results Optimizer
This tool replaces the default "Sorry, no matches were found" message on your search results pages whene someone searches for something in your Turbify and the search returns no results. With this tool, you can replace that message with something more informative, and offer some products or search terms they may want to try.

Monitus Benchmark
This is a little graph showing the number of orders in all the stores (that are subscribers to Monitus.net) versus your own store(s). It's just a convenient way to check how your store is doing relative to others. For example, if all of a sudden the number of orders drop in your store, you can look at the graph to see if it's only your store, or perhaps something else that affects others as well.

Google PowerPost
This tool lets you grab all your keywords and create a keyword file you can simply dump into your Google Adwords account. Here is how you can use this: once you dumped these keywords into a "bulk" campaign, watch the campaign for a week or so. When you see some conversions, create separate campaigns targeted to the keywords that started converting. This is a great way to do some "fishing" for keywords that you may not have thought about.

All of these great tools are available from Monitus.net.