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Add liveliness and the appearance of a busy online store to your web site. Our Recently Bought Items add-on for Turbify stores will randomly show items - with photos - recently purchased from your web site, continuously refreshing at set intervals.

Shoppers love to see what others are up to, and here is a great tool for providing them with a view into what is currently trending in your store. It will make your store appear "live", giving current shoppers more urgency to make a purchase.

Questions & Answers about Recently Bought Items

Can this add-on be added to my mobile templates as well?
While technically possible to add it to the mobile templates, due to the limited screen area on mobile devices we don't believe this add-on would be very effective on mobile devices. If you do still want to add it to your mobile templates contact us and we can set it up for an additional fee.
Does this slow down the page loading speed at all?
No, this tool does not affect page load time. The script it requires is loaded asynchronously (meaning entirely separately from the rest of the page,) and then it uses so called JSON calls at various intervals, but those happen after the page is already available and ready to use.

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