Turbify Store Merchant Testimonials

"Where other companies have failed us, Istvan has always come through for us. We recently had a very bad experience with a redesign by another programmer and Istvan has been repairing our site for us. I talked to tech support at Yahoo several times, and asked each time who they thought would be the best to help us with difficult store issues. The answer was always "Istvan". I can honestly say that we have never heard "I can't help you" when we call upon him. I've learned a valuable lesson...when you are already working with the best, don't let promotional offers and webinars steer you away....if your store is your livelihood, it's not worth the risk to go with someone less experienced even if they are on Yahoo's list."
  Sandy, LA, CA

"Consider yourself lucky to be reading this because it means you are on Ytimes.info website. When I first opened my Turbify 11 years ago I had someone design the site for me and there were always issues and delays. I guess I was lucky too because a few years later I wanted a redesign and I found Istvan. As you can read from others who have used him for web site development or adding new features, he is absolutely fantastic!! Everything gets done promptly, he always gets back to you quickly, he'll find a way to implement unique features not on other Turbifys and he is a pleasure to work with. When I decided I wanted the store completely redone this year, there was no hesitation and I contacted Istvan again. The store looks great, has many cool features and best of all my revenues have increased! For a professional, dedicated Turbify web developer, look no further than Istvan and Ytimes.info."
  Aris - Brooklyn, NY

"I am happy to say that I fully entrust YTimes to any type of Yahoo store customizations and programming as a small business owner. Istvan is very professional and personable to deal with, and has my repeat business in a heartbeat."
  Billy, NY

"Always a pleasure to work with. Fast and friendly service, and always does a great job following through to make sure everything works. Stands behind his work. Thank you again, I'm certain I will be back."
  Lior, Oak Park, CA

"Istvan always does a top notch job. Whether it be an entire redesign (last time), or a new module, or a quick fix or change. The pricing is great, the service is excellent, the quality is perfect. Even for those rare occasions where I want something done that he doesn't do, even the places that he has recommended seem to follow in his footsteps. You just can't go wrong here!! Thanks again !!"

"We have had Istvan do several modifications in the past, and finally it was time for him to do a complete site redesign. It's just great! He gave us a professionally done, custom design, that exceeded our expectations! To view it (if this is allowed here) go to www.pchcables.com and take a look at all the features he did. Once again he comes through as expected. He is very prompt on responding to emails and questions, and simply knows his way around the Yahoo RTML Language. His ability to make our website do just about anything we can think of, still amazes me. Great job again!! Thanks !!!!"
  Pat, Portland OR

"I have been so impressed with this merchant. Not only were the books easy to follow, but the merchant has answered all my questions prior to purchase and after purchase. Overall an excellent product."
  Jeremy, Cedarhurst, NY

"Beyond Great ! This is our second fantastic experience doing business with Y-Times. Excellent products and services at affordable rates, and all worked performed in an exemplary manner. Y-Times has the skills to manifest your vision as reality! I would not go anywhere else."

Mike, Fall River, MA

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. You're hands down the best web guy I've ever dealt with. Not only do you know what you're doing, you're speedy and upfront with any questions or roadblocks (which is a rarity). I can't tell you enough how much less stress we have when working with you on our sites."
  Chuck, San Jose, CA

"You have been great to work with. I like the one on one communication and the fact that you see the project through until the end. That is what builds trust in a company, and trust is what it is all about when it comes to customer service. You Rock."

"Great product. Very informative and well written. Customer service was very responsive, too. Most importantly, I'm learning a ton of stuff about RTML!"
  Clark, Columbus, NE

"Istvan is great to work with for custom programming. He listens to needs, is efficient in programming, creative in finding solutions, and responsive in keeping the project moving along."
  Ed, St. Louis, MO

"Y-Times did their work on time, professionally, and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm a repeat customer and will use his service again in the future when I need a new feature added to my store.
  Nick, Richmond, VA

"My e-commerce company relies on y times extensively for features or fixes that we need implemented quickly and dependably. They are extremely fast, with fantastic rates, very easy to get in touch with and pleasant to deal with all around. I consider this one of our greatest resources!
  Pearl, Malvern, PA

"We can't say enough about Y-Times! If you have anything to do with running a Yahoo store, Y-Times should be at the top of your list. Y-Times = Our Most Valuable Y-Store Resource"
  Bob, San Jose, CA

"I looked at having another Turbify vendor doing some work for me and here is why I didn't. I called for information and I spoke to 3 layers of sales people (who couldn't give me a straight answer on pricing or what they would do for me), they never let me speak directly to the tech person that would handle my work. Also, there whole focus was on rebuilding my site NOT using any Yahoo templates, but entirely in css. That would take away all the control that I have learned and enjoyed about Yahoo. So I decided...forget them...I'm emailing Istvan...I love that you make changes I can see and you try to empower me to work within the Yahoo system."
  Nancy, Los Gatos, CA

"Istvan knocked another one out of the park! He fixed another RTML programmers jacked up checkbox programming. I love our checkboxes now! We already have orders with more options selected because its checkboxes instead of the standard dropdown menu. Definitely worth the money! Word to the wise.....go with Istvan in the first place! Youll definitely be happy you did!"
  Matt, Kentwood, MI

"The most comprehensive & effective service I have used concerning my Yahoo store. The services I received from Y-Times was superior to even the Yahoo techs themselves! More knowledge & much more effective results. Why cant we as Yahoo store owners receive these services on a regular basis? Yahoo merchants would benefit greatly."
  Jeff, Mossy Head, FL

"I'm a previous customer of Istvan's and he's done great work for me in the past. I recently started a new store and got a quote for a bunch of RTML upgrades (for a 2nd store I'm in the process of opening). I went with a cheaper RTML programmer (yes, dumb move on my part). The other RTML programmer's work was terrible. It took forever and I had to contact them again and again to even get a halfway decent result. I contacted Istvan and asked if he could help me clean up some of the other RTML programmer's mistakes. He did it and the results were amazing. Istvan's work is worth more than its weight in gold. THANKS ISTVAN! I will be contacting you about another upgrade I want sometime soon!"
  Matt, Kentwood, MI

"I have been a yahoo store owner for over 3 yrs and I am pretty comfortable with RTML. Your Tips and Tricks book was very helpful with many examples, and ideas that I was able to implement within hours. My customers have already commented on how much easier it is to navigate my site."
  Albert, Ripon, CA

"Turbify Tips and Tricks arrived quickly and helped me add the features I wanted to my store. The author is very generous with his time and was helpful via email. The magic edit button and image pop up window are worth the price of the book alone."
  James, Big Bear Lake, CA

"The absolute best individual I have ever worked with. Excellent skills, reasonably priced and on time. You cant ask for better in this world!!!"
  Gregory, Newport Beach, CA

"Y Times once again did excellent work making my yahoo store more user friendly and back end friendly. Fast, courteous, and competent service. Now we have an inventory control system with an on backorder automatic notification to the customer. No more calling them them the item is on backorder they can see on the item page before pressing order. The new checkout flow already is giving us increased conversions with the branding programming making the flow thru from store to checkout seemless and many other small but important improvements. Y times is the choice for yahoo store work in my book!"
  Donald, Charlottesville, VA

"This isn't the first project I've had Ytimes handle. They're fast, knowledgeable, and most important of all affordable. If you need great solutions at great prices contact Ytimes, youll be happy you did."
  Matt, Kentwood MI

"I've tried others and always end up coming back to Y-Times. Absolute geniuses!"
  Randy, Oklahoma City, OK

"I want to thank you for your work, I am extremely pleased at this point. You provided the quote and performed the work in an expedient fashion ! Your prices were great, and you helped me achieve the look & functionality I wanted with my Yahoo store editor web site. Highest recommendation to you and Y Times Design Services ! Expect some more work from me in the near future !"
  Mike, Fall River, MA

"If you want a professional website design and top quality service, we highly recommend Y-Times. Y-Times has given us greater design professionalism than expected, at much less cost. Thank You Y-Times!"
  Bob, San Jose, CA

"The copyright protection you installed is exactly what I was looking for. You guys have great products, prices, and customer service! I will definitely be calling you again the next time I need some work done to my Turbify. I recommend Istvan to anyone who needs a Turbify upgrade. Thanks again!"
  Matt, Kentwood, MI

"Excellent as always! Cost was significantly below estimate and the work was done almost immediately. Istvan responded to all of my inquiries quickly and knowledgeably, and even gave me follow-up advice after the work was completed. Who could ask for anything more?"
  Won, Portland, OR

"I bought from you guys your mega pak before and I have to say that your books are very clear, consice, and to the point. You make complicated rtml jargons easy for everybody to understand. And even though I'm buying this book only for the "order button above the fold" trick, I know that it is worth every penny. Thanks a lot!!"
  Hala, Stow OH

"Excellent!!!! Both work and service couldnt be better. Reasonably priced, excellent quality."
  Melinda, Mattapoisett, MA

"If you are looking to have your Turbify designed or updated, look no further. I have used Y-Times many times and have always made the right decision choosing them. Professional, expedient and very reasonable pricing make them a top pick in my opinion."
  Aris, Brooklyn, NY

"Top Notch Products, Quality of implementation, excellent knowledge, and terrific customer service. Having him tweak the website is well worth it. There isnt much he cant do. This is my 3rd time having the look and feel changed outside of what is the yahoo norm and I always get positive compliments from my customers for it too ! Great work again! Thanks !!!!!!"
  Pat, Hillsboro, OR

"I highly recommend Y-Times Publications for adding custom features to Yahoo stores. I requested quotes from several Yahoo designers for adding a Catalog Quick Order Page to my store. Most said it couldnt be done. Istvan promptly emailed me and gave me a very fair price quote. Within 24 hours the custom feature was added to my store. I am very happy with his RTML programming skills."
  Susy, Lincoln, CA

"Istvan is very knowledgeable and his services are top-notch. I look forward to doing future business with him!"
  Nick, Richmond, VA

"I have had the materials for alittle over a week and I have already fixed issues with my site that my paid consultants could not fix for the past six months. Great stuff and I think the improvements I am making to the site will generate more sales very quickly. The materials have more than paid for themselves. Bravo!"
  Harry, Sarasota, FL

"Excellent! Store provides publications about RTML and Turbify modification that I couldnt find anywhere else on the net. Ordering was easy, and I received my book within 2 days of ordering. Next time I need Turbify specific info, Y-Times will be the first place Ill check. Ill give this store an A+"
  Jesse, Lodi, CA

"Wow - what a difference. This is the 3rd company that I have hired to help me with features and changes for my Yahoo store (the other 2 turned out to be disasters) and Istvan is prompt, efficient and accurate. My only hesitancy of posting this rating is that he might get too busy and I still need him!"
  Pauline/ The Obsession Box Company

"Istvan is an asset to the Turbify community. I have yet to find another person or company that is more knowledgeable and insightful when in comes to the technical workings of RTML. What distinguishes Istvan is that hes willing to share his knowledge with do-it-yourself-ers, unlike most companies out there.
  Won, Portland OR

"Whether you own a Yahoo store or develop them, there is plenty of quality information in these books. You can recoup your costs by simply making one or two of the available tweaks. In the world of software, there really arent very many quality reference manuals. Clearly the author(s) spent a considerable amount of time fleshing out all of this information. Job well done."
  Brock, Green Bay, WI

"Ytimes was very responsive to our e-commerce development initiatives for 3dsparkle.com. It was very enjoyable working with Istvan, our main point of contact. Ytimes not only provided improved functionalities for our website, but also assisted in training our staff on the Yahoo! e-store operational needs."
  John, Troy MI

"Spectacular quality, price and service - and remarkable speed. Great follow-through and extra assistance even after they have finished the initial job. If you have a Yahoo store, I cannot reccomend Y-Times enough."
  Matt, NY NY

"Istvan is an absolute genius with RTML and Turbifys. You can not go wrong buying any of the books he offers! In fact, I am so impressed with the quality of his products and dedication to customer assistance that I am going to his Y-Store Conference later this month!"
  Scott, Charlotte, NC

"These guys are the best in the business, I am ready to build 10 more Yhaoo Stores."
  Thomas, Huntington Beach, CA

"Two excellent eBooks at a discount price? Thats right! Great resources with no hassle instant download, easy checkout, and material that is better than described. No need to be wary with Y-Times, buy with confidence! Only negative; deciding which to purchase and which eBooks to purchase next! Thanks!"
  Brad, IA

"Istvan does amazing work. He delivered all that he promised at the price he quoted on the schedule he quoted. And, not only was he pleasant to work with, he was extremely easy to work with."
  Mark, Inglewood, CA

"Istvan is an outstanding designer and programmer. Everything he has ever accomplished for us has turned out better than expected. We recommend him very highly to anyone who needs a site built from scratch or well thought out solutions to improve their Turbify."
  Sandy, Garden Grove, CA

"Y-Times came up with a simple yet highly effective way for us to display customer testimonials and the results have really paid off with increased conversion rates! Good Job once again Y-Times!"
  Don, Arlington, Virginia

"Working with Y-Times is always a painless and quality experience. They are always more than willing to help, and have speedy turn-arounds. Y-Times will always be in my Bookmarks and Rolodex."
  Mark, Inglewood, CA

"I was able to open the box (which arrived quickly) and within 15 minutes of reading - to page 6 actually - I was able to go into my yahoo store and correct the sloppy mistakes of a web designer I had paid to redesign my store. Needless to say I will be redesigning my other 2 yahoo stores from scratch based upon your manual RTML 101 - its a great price and loaded with information and tips that are easy to understand. I will also be purchasing all of your other books too due to clear layout and explainations I found in RTML 101."
  Debra, Winfield MO

"Everything worked just as expected. The books were very helpful."
  Michael, TX

"Y-Times is the best. Highly recommended I am a new web store owner and Istvan has been very patient with me and walked me through different situations. I am planning another store in the near future and would never consider anyone but Y-Times."
  Rick, TX

"I love the books! They have helped me learn the advanced interface as well as break the veil over RTML."
  David, MO

"I havent had any need to contact customer service, but based on my experience in purchasing the books and reading them, I would confidently buy another title from Y-Times."
  Sophie, IN

"The customer service is always prompt and professional. I highly recommend this company."
  Aris, NY

"I've bought all your RTML books and this is absolutely your best one yet! Thanks so much for helping store owners by taking the time to research the subject and provide us with ways that we can improve our stores."
  Vicky, TX

"As a new Turbify owner, I had ideas about what I wanted my store to look like, but I had no idea how to put those ideas into practice. The books from Y-Times are clearly written, easy to understand, and helped me to immediately create the site I wanted! Thank You!"
  Wayne - Atlanta, GA

"Hi Istvan! Less then a month ago I bought "RTML 101 Unofficial Guide" from you. First I thought that the book would only be a little help in the nightmare of RTML and that I was about to start dealing with something that would only bring me a long time disappointment. Especially right after I started learning the language I faced so many limitations that I thought it would be a hard task to build a website using that language. I even almost started learning PHP and MySQL instead. But I decided that since I already bought that book, it wouldn't hurt too much to spend a little more time with it. And, guess what! Less then a week after, my website was fully developing, step by step, based on the lessons I learned from you. And today it's a fully working website that some friends of mine are being jealous about, for they're stuck with a simple HTML based solution and have to build every page by hand. You can check out my new site at www.costmatch.com and see it for yourself. I appreciate all the hard work that you put in writing this book and making it so easy for a reader to follow. That was indeed one of the best educational books I've ever bought, so concise and precise in the same time, filled with most helpful examples and explanations. There are still lots of things for me to learn there, but I don't consider myself a beginner any longer, who doesn't know where to start, thanks to you."

"I got the book RTML 101 from Istvan Siposs and it is very good and covers this [...COLORS...] and other things. It is worth the cost and a must have if you want to work in RTML."
  Al, Arkansas

"OK ladies and fellas....I'll bite. This product has been needed for some time!"
  John, Mitchellville, MD

"Cool Book and cool site. Cannot wait unitl I can see the book. Thanks"
  Brent, Denver, IA

"Wow!!! Wooo Hoooo! Talk about creating something with a big market of desperate buyers! Congratulations on finding the perfect product. I will definitely be purchasing your book shortly."

"Had a small challenge with the download but Y-Times reacted very quickly with a solution. Thanks for the great e-book."
  Steven, Dallas, TX

"Istvan, I'm excited you finished the book -- congratulations! Let me thank you again for your help answering questions on the Yahoo group. I've become fairly good at working with RTML -- but look forward to your book to fill in the hidden details. When I get enough time I plan to rewrite our site"
  Steve, Boulder, CO

"Please put me on your mail/email list to notify me of new products. I'm so glad to see resources for Turbify Development!"
  Rom, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been building our Yahoo storefronts using RHTML since 1995 by referencing Yahoo's online documentation, not an easy thing to do! I am very happy to see that a paper/bound Yahoo reference finally exists out there. Thanks!"
  Sherry, Castle Rock, CO

"You guys are great. I've had Yahoo stores since 98 and have struggled with the templates. I'm pretty good at html but this is going to open up a whole new world.
  Art, Portland, OR

"Learning a new programming language is always challenging. Thanks to the Y-Times publications, I was able to grasp the RTML concepts and applications for the Turbifys Im developing."
  Bill, Tucson, AZ

"Great site and products were delivered promptly and in good condition. Thanks for a job well done."
  Joe, Glendale, AZ

"I needed the book in a rush and it was e-mailed to me as well as shipped. I appreciate the fast response and good customer service. The book is great and our new programmer is already almost up to speed. Thanks again."
  Justin, Binghampton, NY

"The newsletters have lots of useful information packed into a few pages. Just one tip has saved me several *hundred* dollars that I was ready to pay out to have someone customize parts of my store. Keep up the good work. I will be buying a subscription to the newsletter."
  Jennifer, Ashburn, VA

"Outstanding service outstanding books. Thanks again."
  Andrew, Colorado Springs, CO

"The e-book I ordered was extremely helpful. Y-Times is now on my "favorites" list! I'll be checking back for more information."
  Alexandra, Goleta, CA

"I purchsed both of Y-Times' books. Both were thorough, clear and precise, with well thought out samples. Customizing my Turbify is no longer a mystery: it is a breeze! Thank you for sharing the knowledge!"
  Joseph, Las Vegas, NV

"Exceptional service and response time. Ytimes has been very professional and has exceeded our expectations in many areas. Our only regret has been not hiring Ytimes sooner for an overhaul on our website features."
  Craig, Providence, UT

"Received the book in a couple of days. Plus it is definitely a weath of information for Ystore owners. Great job!"
  Jennifer, Blaine, MN

"Quick shipment, excellent book! My techy is happy! You're terrific! Thanks."
  Lynda, Park Falls, WI

"I attended your seminar in Boston, MA this summer. Since the seminar, I have incorporated most of the features that were introduced to me at both of our Turbify. Sales have tripled at www.99DollarJewelry.com which more than paid for the tuition of the seminar and I could not be more pleased. Thank you for traveling around with the seminar program and I hope that I will see you once again on the East Coast."
  Denise, West Hartford, CT

"Thanks guys for making such a useful product. I was really pleased with the speed of delivery and with the book in itself. Thanks."
  Elsa, Largo, FL

"I cannot say enough about this developer. I was looking for someone who could help me with lots of small changes and had quick turnaround.
I email Istvan with my questions about my Yahoo store and he answers my questions or gets the work done quickly. I find the pricing fair, especially considering the fact that it actually gets done! If Istvan says it will take a week, he gets it done in a week or less.
This guy understands the old adage of underpromise, overdeliver. (VERY RARE in web designer.)"
  David T.