Abandoned Cart Recovery

The cost of recovering a cart is much less than the cost of acquiring a new shopper
According to Statista.com, shopping cart abandonment rate in the U.S. in 2022 was around 80%. On average, abandoned cart emails can recover about 15% of otherwise lost sales.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically notify the shopper when something is left in the cart.
  • Up to three, fully configurable email notifications.
  • Extra incentive to shopper to complete the order via single-use coupons.
  • Works across devices without requiring shopper to create an account or log in.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • No recurring fees, one time purchase.

What is an Abandoned Cart?

We talk about cart abandonment when an online shopper adds products to the shopping cart and leaves the site without completing the purchase. According to recent statistics, nearly 70% of online carts are being abandoned by shoppers... 70%!

Considering how much work you have to do as an online merchant in order to convince your online customers to even get to the cart page in the first place, it's a pity that all of that effort goes down the drain when the potential customer then leaves the cart and your site without completing their purchase.

There are ways to try to hold on to these potential customers, for example by using so called exit intent popups, where you offer some sort of a deal or discount when the user tries to leave the page. However, if you can at least get the visitor's email address, then there is a way to get in touch with them automatically to remind them about their orphaned shopping cart.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Our Abandoned Cart Recovery service does just that. Once the email field is filled out (and the form doesn't need to be submitted or saved), the email address is automatically saved in a database on your server along with the shopping cart details. If the visitor then leaves without completing the purchase, after a set amount of time (configurable by you) an email will be sent out to the visitor reminding them of the cart they left. This email will show the cart contents along with some text that you can edit. If they click the link to retrieve their cart, they will be sent to the cart page where they can complete their purchase.

If the visitor doesn't respond to the first email, you have the option to automatically send up to two more reminders, after which the cart is considered lost.

While there are a number of abandoned cart recovery services available to Yahoo stores, ours also works across devices without the customer having to log in. This means that if the visitor left the cart on their mobile phone but later recovers the cart on their laptop, they will see the exact same cart and can continue checking out right there.

Offering Incentives via Single-Use Coupons

Our cart recovery system also allows you to upload a single-use coupon file you can generate from the Turbify Coupon Manager. Then, you can configure the cart recovery emails to include a coupon code as an extra incentive for your visitors to check out!

Is it worth it?

AbsolutelTurbify Statistics say that close to 50% of abandoned cart emails are opened, roughly 20% of these are clicked on, and 50% of those who clicked will end up purchasing. These are orders you would definitely lose if not for Abandoned Cart Recovery.

Most Abandoned Cart Recovery services charge either an ongoing fee or a revenue share of the recovered carts. Ours works like an "add-on": for a one time fee we install it on your server and hook it up to your Turbify's checkout, so the add-on will pay for itself within a set amount of time.

Questions & Answers about Abandoned Cart Recovery

Can I add a coupon to my abandoned cart emails?
Yes, you can either include the coupon code of a regular coupon, or our system also allows you to upload single use coupons and when you do, each abandoned cart email will contain exactly one coupon, to be used by a single recipient, exactly once.
Can the system be configured such that the second and/or third reminder email includes a coupon but the first email does not include the coupon?
Yes, in the admin interface where you set up the emails you can include a special placeholder where the single-use coupon's code will be shown. You can include the placeholder in any one of the 3 email templates.
Does the abandoned cart only capture an email when the customer gets to the shipping and Billing page and enters in their email address?
We can put an email field on the actual cart page, we've done that in some stores. It *could* possibly catch people off guard a bit but the field wouldn't be required and oftentimes when people see an email field they fill it out instinctively. The abandoned cart function does save the email address (and the cart content) as soon as the email address is entered at any point during checkout.
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