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The Turbify Editor let's you edit, build, and experience your e-commerce web site exactly the same as your visitors and customers will on the published site. While most of the features and graphical treatments you have in your online store are there to impress your potential customers (and in no small part, the search engines), these can quickly become more of a hinderance during your day-to-day operations in your store. There can be features in your store that, while work instantly on the published site, may take a long time to generate when you go from page to page working in your store.

While it is possible to turn off such features selectively in the editor using RTML, why not go all the way and install a bare-bones store editor-only layout? With our bare-bones system, instead of previewing your store in all of its glory when you don't need it, you can focus on what's important to you for merchandising, SEO, or other administrative purposes. Here is how it works:

  • We install the bare-bones template set in your store
  • While in the editor only, your store pages will be stripped of all graphical treatment, bells and whistles, or customer-oriented features, giving you a highly simplified user interface and navigation system. For your product pages, for example, you'll only see the product image and the product attributes, much like what you see when you hit the edit button.
  • The templates are set up so that when you publish the store, the regular layout with all the bells and whistles gets published, so there is no chance you can ever surprise your store visitors with the editor-only layout.
  • Finally, in case you do want to check what your site will look like after publishing, there is an override switch, a variable, that you can flip and the editor will immediately revert to it's regular, fully customized state.

We display only the parameters that are important for you, such as product image, name, price, caption, etc.; basically all fields you normally see when you edit your items. We can also add warnings such as "keywords is missing" to alert you that additional work needs to be done on the page. The possibilities are endless.

Since all computation-heavy and graphic-heavy parts of the site will be turned off, you can breeze through your editor with unparallelled speed.

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