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The Smart Breadcrumbs feature on a website displays the page's location within the site's structure as Home > Section > Subsection > Product, aiding navigation and SEO. Unlike traditional breadcrumbs, these adjust dynamically based on the visitor's path, ensuring accuracy even in multiple section scenarios.

Smart Breadcrumbs differ from traditional breadcrumbs in that they follow the visitor's path within the website. This means that if a page is part of more than one section, Smart Breadcrumbs will still accurately reflect the visitor's location within the site's structure. Traditional breadcrumbs, on the other hand, typically follow a fixed hierarchy and may not adjust based on the visitor's navigation path.

Smart Breadcrumbs offer several benefits for site navigation, including:

  • Orientation: They help visitors orient themselves within stores with multiple sub-sections by displaying the page's location as Home > Section > Subsection > Product.
  • Ease of Navigation: By providing a clear path within the site's structure, Smart Breadcrumbs make it easier for visitors to navigate and find their way around the website.
  • Dynamic Adjustment: Unlike traditional breadcrumbs, Smart Breadcrumbs adjust dynamically based on the visitor's path, ensuring accuracy even if a page is part of more than one section.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits: Smart Breadcrumbs can also benefit SEO efforts by providing search engines with a clear hierarchy of the site's structure, potentially improving the site's visibility in search results.

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  A Great Product, September 1, 2009
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With items in more than one category it is easy for customers to get lost with standard breadcrumbs. Smart breadcrumbs follow the customer and really improve the user experience. We have been very pleased with this feature.

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