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Our "Compare Products" add-on seamlessly integrates into your Yahoo store to provide your visitors with the ability to mark any number of products and then compare them side-by-side, much like at This is a great feature utilized by major retailers such as or

If your carry products with many features, your potential customers can get confused by all the features. With our product comparison function, you can give them the tool to see the differences side by side and make a quick decision - and close the sale.

How does it work?

After we set up the templates in your store, below all the products on your section pages a checkbox marked "Compare" will appear. When your visitors check one or more items (on any section page) and click the "Compare" button, they are taken to a page that will show all the checkmarked products, side by side, with their comparable attributes arranged in a neat table. This gives them a very easy, clean way to compare the products and pick the one they like or nead.


The product comparison add-on only makes sense if all your store's products have attributes to compare. These attributes, for example color, size, material, capacity, etc., need to be set up as extra fields, fields that you can fill out when you edit your products or upload them through database upload. If you have a Turbify store, you already have the ability to add custom fields in Catalog Manager.

Questions & Answers about Product Comparison for Turbify stores

Do we have to come up with a set of attributes or do you have standard attributes that can only be used?
This feature requires custom properties, that's how it can pull the attribute values. Your visitors can pick the products they want to compare, and if they happen to compare two vastly different products - which makes little sense - then it will simply list the sum of the defined attributes and they won't be filled if that attribute is not supplied for a product. For example, if you compare a fountain with, say a hammock, the comparison will still work, although it will make little sense.

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