Ytimes Cross Sell Solution

  1. Lets you specify products related to the current product.
  2. If no manually assigned cross-sells are present, it shows products based on other shoppers' browsing history that includes the current product.
  3. If no auto-suggest products are found, it displays products from the parent category.
  4. Displays the related items in a responsive product scroller.

Our cross sell solution is built on the standard Turbify Cross Sells function. It shows items related to the currently viewed product either based on the cross sell rules you set up, or by using the Turbify AutoSuggest feature.

The Turbify AutoSuggest function shows "related" products based on other shoppers' browsing history. This functionality has been down since the Yahoo-Turbify migration, but our solution offers the same while we wait for the built-in Turbify AutoSuggests to be available again.

If there are not enough cross sells to show, they can be padded with either manually specified items or with items picked at random from the current parent category.

Includes a nicely formatted, responsive product scroller if there are more items than can fit on the screen.

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