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Upgrade to the latest version of our customer reviews system. If you do not yet have our customer reviews, order it here today.

Our latest version has been restyled and is fully responsive.

It is now easier to post reviews in an SEO-friendly manner without you having to either copy and paste the reviews, or generate and upload a CSV file. All you need is to have Catalog Manager enabled in your store (so unfortunately legacy Yahoo stores without catalog manager do not qualify for this upgrade.)

The latest version also makes it easier for your customers to post their reviews to Social Media sites right from the "thank you" page after they leave a review. This increases the "reach" of your customer reviews to bring in lots more potential customers.

You will also benefit from built-in Google Rich Snippets (for the reviews only) and the ability to upload an XML file containing the reviews data to help get the get your products' review ratings in Google Search, and Google Shopping (if you are already connected to that channel).

Lastly, for anyone with older installations of our reviews tool, you will now get to take advantage of automatic email reminders.

Order the upgrade today, and we can typically complete the installation within one or two business days.

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  Outstanding!, February 26, 2016
Posted By: - verified customer

Awesome work by a consistently awesome team. Thanks!

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