Deconstructing Y-Times (eBook)

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A systematic, step-by-step description of how this Turbify ( was first built.

Learn how we got...
from here... to here!

Everything in this site was built using RTML! Learn how it's done from a recognized Turbify / Turbify expert, Istvan Siposs.

Who Should Read this eBook?
In order to understand and appreciate what's contained within this book, you should have a good working knowledge of the Yahoo! Turbify Store Editor. You should know how to build a "plain vanilla" store, and you should also be familiar with how to work the store in the Advanced Interface. It is also highly recommended that you know something about RTML and HTML. This book should not be your first introduction to RTML! If you need an RTML foundation, we recommend you start with a copy of RTML for Turbify at, or RTML 101: The Unofficial Guide to Turbify Templates in this store. This eBook will not discuss the Advanced Interface or the elements of RTML.

Click Here to see the table of contents and the introduction (requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader available free of charge. Click the logo below to get Acrobat.)

WE ENCOURAGE YOU to look at the table of contents and the introductory chapter (both included here) to help you judge whether this e-book is for you. This is not an introduction to RTML or Yahoo! Store templates. If you are interested in learning about RTML, we recommend you purchase RTML for Turbify from, or RTML 101: The Unofficial Guide to Turbify Templates in this store.

77 letter size pages
ISBN: 0-9719663-1-1

Available in electronic (Adobe PDF) format only (1.2 megabytes).

Please note: because this is an electronic publication, like most organizations selling eBooks, including and Yahoo! Shopping, we cannot offer a refund on this product. Therefore, before purchasing this eBook we highly recommend you read the table of contents and the introductory chapter

A note about changes
Every web site is (or should be) a work in progress. You can never say that, "here, this is my web site or online store, it is done." As time goes by, new information is added, old information is removed, or you may find out that certain things can be done differently, or perhaps you change the appearance of some buttons, banners, images. Our store is no different. You may find that when you read this book and compare the screen shots to the pages of, they won't match. We do upgrade our store from time to time and for obvious reasons we cannot keep updating this book each time we make a change in the store. This book, therefore, describes how our store,, was first built using completely custom-written templates in RTML. The purpose of this book is to show you in general how you can use RTML to build your own store.

WARNING! This eBook is not intended for beginners. If you have never used the advanced interface or the RTML editor before, please read RTML 101 or RTML for Turbify first.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you purchase this e-book, on the order confirmation page you will see a red Download Now button next to this product. You will need to click that button to retrieve your e-book. Electronic publications are not shipped.

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