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Traditionally any best seller feature for Turbify Stores - whether it is static best sellers or random best sellers - have been set up manually, meaning it was your job as the merchant or store operator to periodically look at your Turbify Store's statistics, figure out what your best selling products were, and enter their ids into a custom variable made for this purpose, so that your best sellers got displayed on the store's home page. While not very complicated, this is a task that you have to remember. Not surprisingly, many store operators neglect to do so resulting in a stale display of "best selling" products on their home pages.

Not anymore! Our Dynamic Bestsellers tool does the work for you recording every transaction in your store (in your own MySQL database) and displays the items that are truly best selling in your store at any given time.

The appearance of the best sellers can be styled so it fits your store's design, but the sales data it is based upon is always up to date. You can optionally request a "Best Seller" sticker overlay, which will put up a "Best Seller" icon on the thumbnail image of your best selling products anywhere they appear in your store.

Questions & Answers about Dynamic Best Sellers for Turbify

Can I exclude certain products from this?
Yes, there is a custom variable where you can list the ids of products that you don't want to include among the best sellers.
Is this something that rotates weekly, monthly - based on how many days sales?
By default it looks at a moving window of one month of sales, but it can be changed.
What are the requirements to get this set up?
You will need a web hosting account with PHP scripting and MySQL database support. If you have a Yahoo! Turbify account, then you already have this. We will need Store Consultant access to your store, or if you would like us to pre-load the bestsellers database with historical orders, then we will need Administrator access.
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