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Our dynamic filtering solution (filtered navigation, dynamic content filtering) allows your potential customer to narrow the offerings within any category page by selecting one or more attributes.

For example, when a category page contains items that are offered in various colors, sizes, types, or prices, with the filtering add-on you can quickly pick those that are only black and fall within a selected price range.

Filtering can be done based on any field you see when you edit your items (with the exception of the options field), so it is not limited to color, or size, for instance.

While it's recommended that you use the various product attributes (fields) you have for filtering, if necessary we can set up filtering based on what you have in your products' options field making it even easier to apply filtering to your store.

Our filtering solution has no hosting fees or recurring charges and it automatically includes dynamic pagination (breaking up pages into multiple virtual pages containing a configurable number of items per page) and Lazy Loading.

Please Note: this add-on works on any section page containing items only. It cannot be used to select all items that match a certain set of criteria from your entire store. If you are looking for such a solution, you'll need a third-party advanced search function (not offered here.)

A practical limit for the maximum size of category pages for this add-on is about 1,000 items, but it works best if the item count (per category page) is less than 500 items.

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