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Dynamic Tag Filters for Turbify

Introducing Dynamic Tag Filters for Turbify, the ultimate solution designed to simplify product discovery on your e-commerce site. By allowing users to effortlessly filter and find products through interactive, customizable tags, this add-on enhances shopping efficiency and improves overall user satisfaction.

Enhance your Turbify online store with the Dynamic Tag Filters add-on, designed to streamline and improve the shopping experience for your customers. This powerful tool introduces an interactive way to sort products on category pages through customizable, clickable tags.

  • Interactive Tag Filters: Tags appear at the top of category pages, offering a visual filtering system where customers can easily refine product listings. With a simple click, users can filter items to display only those that match the selected tags. Options are available to show products that contain any or all selected tags, allowing for flexible navigation.
  • Customizable Appearance: Tailor the placement and design of tag filters to fit the aesthetic and layout of your store. Whether you prefer them at the top, side, or integrated into existing design elements, Dynamic Tag Filters can be adapted to meet your needs.
  • Easy Tag Assignment: Tags can be assigned to products using multiple methods:
    • Direct Editing: Manually add tags to the product's "tags" field on individual item pages.
    • Bulk Upload: Utilize csv/database uploads through the store editor or Catalog Manager to assign tags in bulk, streamlining the process for large inventories.
    • Interactive Toolbar: For stores with the Catalog Manager, add or delete tags directly from the category page without individual item edits. This method is not available in legacy stores, although the first two methods remain compatible.

Accessibility: This add-on is accessible, ensuring that all users can navigate and utilize the tag filters effectively.

Enhance your customer's shopping experience by allowing them to find what they want, faster and easier, with Dynamic Tag Filters for Turbify.

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