First Aid Emergency Turbify Store Assistance


If your store is down, something is not working, there is a crisis situation, after checking the obvious*, give us a call or email us and let us with our extensive Turbify experience take care of the problem. If you call Yahoo Tech support, unless your store emergency is completely trivial, chances are you'll have to go through the regular tech support channels by first talking to an entry level specialist, then possibly getting your case escalated - all the while you may be losing sales. If your store has custom templates, you may even be referred back to the developer who created or customized your store in the first place.

With our Emergency Turbify Assistance service, you can contact us day or night, any day of the week, and we will investigate - and in most case fix - your problem on short order. The charge for this service is $220/hour with the first hour payable up front. If the problem seems more involved than what can be fixed within an hour, we will let you know in advance.

For our Turbify Emergency Service customers we are available 24/7.

Before you hit the panic button:

  • Be sure to check Yahoo's system status page at The issue you are experiencing may not be related to your store only.
  • Check your store in all the major browsers and ask some of your friends, preferrably at various parts of the country, to check your site to make sure whatever you are experiencing is not due to your own particular setup.

If you are certain that there is a problem, order our Emergency Service and call us at 707 237 7380 or email us at (please note, this email address is for emergencies only and assistance provided through this email address is charged at the Emergency Assistance rate of $220 / hour.)


  • In the unlikely situation that the problem you are experiencing is due to programming we (Y-Times) have done on your site, we will fix the problem at no charge to you, provided that our original coding is intact and hasn't been modified by a third party in any way.
  • In some cases a problem may require assistance from Yahoo Developer Support. In such cases we will report the problem to Yahoo and will follow through until the problem is fixed.
  • A problem may also be due to a bug or issue with a third party code, utility, or service used on your site. If we identify a problem as such and we cannot gain access to such code we will inform you of this fact and will refer you to the appropriate party for further troubleshooting.

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