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Google Universal Analytics Will Be Retired on July 1, 2023

Presumably you are using Google Analytics to collect analytical information from your Turbify store (and if you are not, you really should be.) If you are, you,ve probably heard or read that the current so called "Universal Analytics" will stop collecting data from stores on July 1, 2023, and instead, Google want web sites to start using their next generation analytics system, Google Analytics 4. The switch-over or upgrade from "Universal Analytics" to Google Analytics 4 is not automatic.

If you are set up with Google Analytics, your store is connected to Google Analytics in one of three ways:

1. You may be using the Google Analytics connector built into your Turbify store. If you are unsure, click on "Settings" under "Google Analytics" in your Store Manager. It will tell you if Google Analytics is enabled or not.

2. You may be using a connector service such as Monitus.

3. Or you may have had a third party developer install a connector one time.

If you are using a service, such as Monitus, they will make sure your setup will work after July 1, but it won't hurt to get in touch with your provider and check.

If you used a third party developer to set you up, check with them to make sure you'll be OK after July 1.

Finally, if you are using the built-in collector, it is time to upgrade to Google Analytics 4. Turbify will eventually update the built-in connector but at this point it's doubtful this will happen in time before the July 1 deadline.

We can help you upgrade to Google Analytics 4 for a one time fee. We anticipate a rush of upgrade requests as we get closer to the July 1 deadline, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

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