The following template can be used to list all the pages in your store along with their IDs, their parent section's IDs, their names, and whether they are "Leaf" pages (Items) or not. The output of this template can be used to create a CSV file that can be modified and uploaded into the store to update manually created pages. To use the template, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the template into your store.
  2. Go to the store's Contents page, and click New.
  3. Enter list-pages for the ID, and click Create
  4. For template, enter list-pages
  5. The page will create a list similar to the one you see here. Highlight the list, copy it onto your clipboard (Ctrl-C), then open Notepad and click Ctrl-V to paste. Save the file as ITEMS.CSV
Once you saved the file, close Notepad, and open ITEMS.CSV using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. You can now add other fields to it like "Price", "Caption", etc. This file can then be upladed into your store to update any manually created page.

A word of caution: if you only want to update certain items and/or certain fields, be sure to erase the rows for all other items (those that you do not want to update at this time.) Fields that are not included in the CSV file are ignored by the upload, but fields that are in the CSV file without a value will be used to erase the existing values in those fields.

Double Caution: after uploading the database into your store, you will be presented with two options: Add or Rebuild. If you click Rebuild, your entire store will be wiped out and rebuilt using the CSV file you have just uploaded. If you accidentally wipe out your store you can still undo it by going to the Database Upload screen and clicking on "Revert". However, Revert only works on the last upload, therefore you should double-check your store after each upload and immediately Revert if you find any problems.

List-pages ()

TEXT "id,path,name,leaf" LINEBREAK FOR-EACH-OBJECT WHOLE-CONTENTS WHEN AND @template NOT EQUALS value1 id value2 :info NOT EQUALS value1 id value2 :nsearch NOT EQUALS value1 id value2 :index NOT EQUALS value1 id value2 :ind NOT EQUALS value1 id value2 :privacypolicy NOT EQUALS value1 id value2 :list-pages TEXT id TEXT "," WITH-OBJECT up TEXT id TEXT "," TEXT @name TEXT "," WHEN @leaf TEXT "T" LINEBREAK