Make my Yahoo! Store Secure

By default, Yahoo! Store web sites are not HTTPS-ready, meaning you cannot type https:// before the URL of your Yahoo! Store. Google has hinted for some time that they will eventually rank secure sites higher than non-secure ones, and recently they announced that as of October of 2017, Chrome will visibly flag non-secure URLs in the browser's address bar as NOT SECURE.

Yahoo! Small Business now offers the option for any Yahoo! Store to be HTTPS secure through a "blanket" SSL certificate they provide to all stores (so store owners don't need to obtain their own SSL certificate.) This option is offered as an "on/off" switch, however, in most cases simply flipping the switch will not make the store fully secure. Why is that?

In order for a site to get the nice green "SECURE" flag next to its URL in the address bar, not only does the site's pages themselves need to be secure, but all the other files, images, videos, CSS, JavaScript, etc. files those pages reference as well.

If getting all of this done seems like a daunting task, we offer a Secure Store Preparation Service service for Yahoo! Stores. That page also contains a lot of important info and Q&A related to making Yahoo! Stores secure.

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