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Please note, this basic optimization offer is for Turbify's Mobile Adaptive storefront, and includes only what is listed below. If you are interested in a responsive web site, or if you are in need a customized mobile adaptive site, to carry over the custom design or functionality currently present in your desktop site, please contact us for a quote.

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Turbify Mobile Storefront -> Try This First:

There are a number of variables that you can modify to alter the appearance of your Turbify Mobile Storefront. Edit your Variables page and view the variables beginning with "Mobile-". Example: You can add/update your logo on your mobile site by uploading your logo artwork to Mobile-name-image.

There are also a few elements that are automatically grabbed from your Editor and used on your Turbify Mobile Storefront:

  • Main Navigation - these listings come from the pages that appear immediately under your index
  • Main Image - the main image below your search bar comes from your home page's "image" property
  • Description - the company blurb comes from your home page's "message" property
  • Specials - these products come from the page IDs entered in your home page's "specials" property
Beyond that, there are a number of additional items that can be addressed in our optimization package below.

Y-Times "Turbify Mobile Storefront Optimization" package

Site Wrapper:
  • Ensure the proper upload of logo in masthead.
  • Optional upload of menu and cart icon in branded color.
  • Ensure main menu is populated and listings are displayed properly.
  • If needed, we can install custom mobile-only Navigation property ("Mobile-nav")
  • Ensure footer links are displayed properly.

Home Page:
  • Install a custom mobile-only Main Image property ("Mobile-image")*
  • Install a custom mobile-only Description property ("Mobile-message")
  • Install a custom mobile-only Specials property ("Mobile-specials")
  • Ensure the proper upload of blurb/message
* A hero image slideshow can be added for additional $300

Detail Page:

  • Implement popup image viewer
  • Ensure multiple images are properly displayed
  • Ensure options are properly displayed and selectable (highly customized option selection tools will require additional fees)

Checkout Pages

  • Ensure that the cart/checkout pages are also mobile-friendly


  • Attempt to filter out HTML formatting or anomalous data from fields not addressed in "Mobile-remove-html-tags" property
  • General once-over of core pages to address any obvious anomalies
  • Ensure images are properly displayed throughout store
  • Shift display of Turbify Store badge to the left, to allow Dynamic Back to Top Arrow to be visible.
  • Optionally, we can add "Click to Call" capability.
  • Ensure title and meta tags are in synch between desktop and mobile

Questions & Answers about Turbify Mobile Storefront Optimization

I have a custom designed site with lots of extras, will all of that work the same on mobile?
No. Only what's listed above is included in this offer. Please contact us if you want your mobile site fully customized to match your desktop site.

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