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By default, Turbify Store gives you one additional image per product (via the "inset" property). Break the barrier and provide your customers with multiple views of the same product (sometimes also called "multiple insets").

If you sell apparel, you can show multiple shots of the product (back, front, etc). If you sell electronic products, provide additional views of the connectors for example. According to several usability studies, shoppers tend to purchase more from online stores that provide multiple views of their products.

How does this work?

We set up the necessary templates for you and give you additional image properties, so you can simply edit your products and start uploading the additional images. No further programming or special maintenance needed. You can have as few or as many additional images as you want, and if a product happens to have no additional views, then the small thumbnails simply will not appear on the page.

Layout can vary, the small thumbnails can be displayed below the main product image or next to it; we will match the style of your store/product pages.

Please Note: when you order this add-on, we set this up in your (Turbify editor-based) store.

Questions & Answers about Multiple Product Images for Turbify Stores

After the initial set up, what monthly or yearly fees would be involved? Or are fees involved only when upgrades are needed?
There are no monthly fees. There is a one time fee for adding this to your store templates, that's all.
How user friendly will it be to add multiple product photos? Can we add them the same way we add photos now - either in item edit or catalog manager?
Same as adding any other image. We'll create additional image fields for you (image1, image2, etc.) and you can simply upload your images there.
Is there a size limitation for the photos?
Only the limitations imposed by the yahoo store editor, which are:
- no more than 2 million pixels total
- no more than 2000 pixels in length or width
- no more than 2 megabytes in image size.
Once we decide to proceed, how long does it generally take before something like this could be completed?
Usually within one business day.
Will our additional product images be compatible across multiple platforms and devices? For best compatibility, what style of multiple image set up/viewing is best?
On touch-based devices, since they have no mouse-over, you will still see the additional images but they will have to be tapped to enlarge. Otherwise it's the same on all platforms.
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Customer Reviews

  Multiple Product Images, October 25, 2013
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As always, fantastic job!

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  Multiple Images is a Great Addition, May 7, 2012
Posted By:
25 people found this review helpful

I now I have room to display 6 images where there used to be just 1. This is a great add on to help shoppers decide to buy and to show off your products. Thank you.

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