Password-protected Wholesale Area for Turbify

If you service both retail and wholesale customers, you were most likely faced with the problem of how to provide your wholesale customers with an online shopping area without revealing your wholesale prices to your retail customers. Traditionally you could do one of two things:

1) Not show any prices on the wholesale pages, but instead, invite wholesale customers to email you for a price list

2) or, open a completely separate store just for wholesale purposes and password protect the entire wholesale store.

With our innovative password protection system, you no longer have to do either of the above. Instead, you can create a password-protected area right within your store editor. This area works exactly like any other section in your store, so you can add sub-sections and products to the password-protected area exactly the same way you do with the "normal" sections. However, this area is only accessible to those whom you provide a password.

You can even set up multiple passwords and revoke them at any time. People without a valid password cannot access any page within the password-protected area (and this includes search engines as well.)

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