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With the release of Yahoo! Store's Promotions Center add on, Yahoo! Stores can now offer promotions previously not possible by relying only on coupons. With Promotions Center, you can

  • offer percentage discounts on order subtotal, items, or categories in the store
  • apply a promotion only if so many items or so much money is spent
  • set maximum number of uses
  • allow or disallow the combined use of multiple promotions and/or coupons
  • free shipping-type promotions

Not currently available, but coming soon:

  • Free Shipping-type promotions

Promotions can be scheduled and/or paused at any time without having to publish your entire store.

If your store is based on the standard, unmodified V3.0 templates, your are all set, however, if you have either have the older V2.0 templates, or if you have customized templates (whether V2.0 or V3.0) you'll need the promotions center RTML operators added. If you are up to the challenge, you can follow these instructions. However, if you don't want to deal with this or would rather leave it to a professional, let us install Promotions Center for you. We make sure the required operators are properly installed in your custom templates, and if necessary, apply style sheet formatting so the promotions fit the visual design of your store.

Questions & Answers about Yahoo Store Promotions Center Installation

I don't like the way the promotion banners look. Can I just use a banner image that I create?
Yes. When you create a promotion in Promotions Center, you have a choice of showing a smaller badge, a title, and a description, or, you can upload a single image (banner, badge) with no text and optionally link it to a page.
I couldn't find a way to delete a promotion.
Promotions cannot be deleted from Promotions Center. To stop a currently active promotion, you can select it and pause it, or set a past expiration date for it.
Can I specify on what pages I want the promotions to show?
Yes, for each promotion you can specify one or more target page types, such as the home page, section pages, or item pages.

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