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Starting August 31, 2018, all businesses with 10 employees or more are required to provide warnings to Californian customers about exposures to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

What this means to online retailers is that if they sell products that include chemicals from the California Proposition 65 List on their website, the affected products must carry a warning with an exclamation sign inside a yellow triangle.

The penalties for violating Proposition 65 (by not providing the warning where necessary) can be as much as $2,500 per violation per day.

You can find out more about the law and the requirements at

To add the warning yourself, you can append it to the caption of the affected products your site carries, although depending on the size of your store this can be a tedious task even with a database upload.

If your business is subject to the CA Proposition 65 law and you would prefer to have this set up more professionally, order this service here and we'll set it up for you as soon as possible. You will get the following:

  • A global variable called "Prop65-warning-global" to enter a generic Prop 65 warning message.
  • A yes/no property called "Prop65" on the product level you can use to indicate if a product should display the Prop 65 warning.
  • A text property called "Prop65-warning" on the product level if the Prop 65 warning needs to be more specific than the generic warning message.
  • The displaying of the message on products where you have turned on the yes/no property.

Please note: this service does not include us turning on the Prop 65 warning on your products.

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