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If you like Rob Snell's "Magic Edit" button (discussed in our Yahoo Store Tips & Tricks book) you will love our "Rapid Edit" add-on!

When you work on your Yahoo Store in the Store Editor, each time you want to edit a page, you first need to navigate to that page by using the WYSIWYG interface. So typically you click on one of your main menu options, then click on a section page link, then a sub-section, etc., until you get to the page you want to edit. Once the page is fully loaded, you can finally click on the Edit button to edit the page.

How about if you could save a bunch of clicks by having to click a "special" edit button next to any link and it would open up that page's edit form? Our "Rapid Edit" does just that! This little tool will save you hours and hours!

How does it work?

We install this very useful template in your store. Once installed, while in the editor (and of course not in your published site) a small red asterisk will show next to all the links that lead to other pages within your store. If you click that asterisk, the edit form of the target page will open, so you can make changes without having to actually go to that page first.

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