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Professional, completely custom design (we do not resell the same design or offer "canned" designs.) Includes any revisions necessary in order for the customer to "sign off" on the design. This includes the "site wrapper", but not the inside of the pages.
This includes setting up the custom templates to match the design. It is the basic layout for the pages. Added features (listed separately here) come on top of this. Set up does not include adding content (products, informational pages, images, sections, etc.) to the site.
Customized navigation
Replacing the standard Turbify navigation system with a customized navigation bar, or create an otherwise customized navigation, such as sub-categories, rollovers, etc.
Accordion Menu
Allow your site visitors to "expand" and "contract" the main store categories on your store's navigation bar without having to actually go to those category page. With the accordion menu, they can easily see what's under each main category.
Additional product images
Ability to add more product images (Yahoo provides one additional image per product by default.)
Additional Product Images Advanced
Advanced Floating Cart
Automatic "On Sale" page
Automatically list items that have sale prices in a special section.
Automatic Description Meta-tags (SEO)
Automatic FAQ Template
This template enhancement simplifies the generation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages by letting you enter the questions and answers directly in the Caption field. It then generates the FAQ page in a neatly formatted fashion like at
Automatic Keywords Meta-Tags (SEO)
Best Sellers
Feature extra products on the home page in addition to the already available specials.
Blog Setup
Installing, configuring and customizing wordpress.
Checkbox Options
Expand on the built-in drop-down type options
Checkout and Customer Registration Customization
Modify the checkout and customer registration pages to match the layout/colors of the rest of the site. Reviewing and redesigning the checkout pages to follow best practices.
Checkout Customization
Compare Products
Let your visitors select any number of products in your store and compare those products side by side.
Offer related items on the product pages
Cross-sells w/Multi Add
Put a checkbox next to each related product. The customer can check each one and with a single click on the Order button put all selected items into the shopping cart.
Customer Reviews
Allow customers and visitors to write reviews or comments about the products in the store (like at Requires Turbify (or other, PHP/MySQL-enabled web server)
Customized home page layout
The Turbify editor offers a fair amount of customization options for the home page, but a completely different, custom layout is also possible using custom templates.
Customized Index (Site map) page
Better-looking, more functional index page - unlike the built-in one.
Customized Item Layout
In most cases, the way the section or item page contents are displayed by default works quite well. The Turbify Store editor includes many variables and properties to customized the way these pages are laid out (where the image goes, where the page title goes, how many items you see on a section page, etc.) If, however, you need a layout that is not possible through built-in variable and property adjustment, I can create a custom layout for you. One example is to move the block with the price and ordering information to the top of the page or to format this block differently than the default.
Customized Sections
The built-in section layout offers a fair amount of customization. This feature is to create a completely custom layout that is not possible using the built-in features.
Menus that "fly out" to the side when the mouse hovers over a button in the navigation bar. Works completely automatically; menu options follow the structure of the store.
Dynamic Best Sellers for Turbify Stores
Our Dynamic Bestsellers tool displays the items that are truly best selling in your store at any given time based on actual sales.
Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool
Make sure the page title visible to your site visitor is the same as the keyword or keyphrase the visitor searched for before getting to your Turbify Store Page.
Dynamic Pagination
Break up larger section pages into more manageable pages. Completely configurable and works with the existing sections without having to rearrange the items in any way.
Dynamic Pagination with Dynamic Sorting
Allow site visitors to dynamically sort the contents of section pages by price, name, brand, etc. (Only available together with dynamic pagination.)
Dynamic Price Total
Display the total price of the product based on selected options. For example, if an item comes in two sizes, small and large, and large costs $5 more than small, when the customer selects Large from the option drop-down, the total price will be updated on the screen.
Email a Friend
Let visitors email a page in your store to their friends.
Enhanced Checkout Error Reporting
Make the yahoo checkout errors brief and easy to understand. Clearly mark the fields that need attention at checkout.
Filter out discontinued items
Automatically remove discontinued items (where orderable=no) from the published store, and shows these items grayed out in the store editor so that you can still work with them.
Floating Shopping Cart
Set up and configure the Yahoo Floating Shopping cart.
Graphical order button
Replace the built-in, standard Add to Cart button. (This feature is included in the "Customized Item" feature.) Not applicable to stores based on V3.0 of the Turbify Editor.
Image Slideshow
Allows you to upload any number of images with their associated destination URLs and it rotates the images at a configurable interval. Random rotation, image change upon page refresh, advance controls, etc. available.
Item Navigation (prev/next)
Add a "Previous | Next" link to the product pages to allow quick navigation among the products within the same section.
Lightbox Enlarged Image
Animated image zoom function.
Automatically turn any phrase you specify anywhere inside the caption of your pages to hyperlinks (pointing to pages you specify.)
Live Chat Setup through Crafty Syntax
Live chat implementation using Installed on your server with no recurring fees.
Turn the mouse into a magnifying glass when hovered over a product image.
Mega menu
Drop down menu system on steroids! With mega menus you can have a navigation system that not only shows your sub categories but also category descriptions, best sellers, and more.
Mobile Site Implementation with Unbound Commerce
Turn your existing Turbify Store into a mobile phone-compatible shopping site with no extra steps on your part.
Multiple Color Schemes
Use a different color scheme for the various sections (departments) of your store
Option Previews
Change the product picture based on the selected option (color for example)
Paddock Footer
Set up different footers depending on the page type (item, section, product list, etc) to introduce more text variations. Great for SEO.
Password Protected Wholesale Area
Password-protect pages or sections of your web site.
Popup Detail Image
Bring up the full-view of product images in a stand-alone pop-up window.
Price Table (quantity discounts)
Show the quantity discounts/unit prices in a table
Print this page (printable version)
Provide a printer-friendly version of the page.
Questions and Answers
Display frequently asked questions and answers about any product on your site. Allow customers to ask questions about the products if their question is not answered on the page.
Random Best Sellers
You specify a pool of items and a number of them are selected at random each time the page is reloaded.
Random Testimonials
Create a pool of testimonial and show a different one each time a page is reloaded.
Rapid Edit
Allows you to edit any page through its link in the store editor. You don't actually have to go to a page and wait until it loads before you can hit Edit to make changes to it. Save tons of time.
Recently Viewed Items
Show thumbnails and hyperlinks of the most recently viewed items
Related Product Links (SEO)
Relative page width
Automatically expand the layout to the width of the browser window.
Rich Snippets with Canonical Tag
Help search engines recognize the various attributes and screen elements.
RSS Feeds
Set up automatic RSS feeds for your store. Create feeds for your sale items, new items, or any category within your store. Maintenance-free; your RSS feeds update automatically every time you publish the store.
Scrolling Specials
Seen it for less
Shop by Manufacturer
Allow site visitors to browse the products by manufacturer. Works automatically based on the "Manufacturer" setting of the products.
Shop by price
Automatically list items that fall within a price range you specify
Smart Breadcrumbs
On each page, show where the page is within the overall structure of the site in the form of Home > Section > Subsection > Product. This is not your grandmother's breadcrumbs! Our Smart Breadcrumbs follow the visitor, so if a page is part of more than one section, the breadcrumbs will still be correct!
Allows store visitors to access complete item detail information (image, price, description, etc) by hovering the mouse over the product thumbnails on section pages without actually leaving the section page. Increase conversion and add sophistication to your site.
Social Share buttons for Turbifys
Facebook Like, Tweet, Gooogle +1, and Pin-It buttons.
Sort by Price
Automatically show the items within the sections sorted by price.
Stock Notification Package
Let customers sign up to be notified when out of stock items are again available.
Tabbed product specifications
Instead of a single, long product description, provide clickable tabs for information blocks such as description, warranty, detailed specs, etc.
Yahoo Advanced Search Setup
Yahoo Cross Sells
Setting up the built-in, automatic cross sells on the store pages and on the cart page.
Yahoo Customer Registration module
Add and configure yahoo's customer registration module.
Turbify Productivity Pack
Turbocharge your productivity and get more done in less time with our Turbify Productivity Pack. The result of years of experience and based on extensive feedback from Turbify merchants like you, the Turbify Productivity Pack is a collection of enhancements and features that let you use the Turbify editor to streamline your and your team's work
Turbify Promotions Center Installation
We make sure the required operators are properly installed in your custom templates, and if necessary, apply style sheet formatting so the promotions fit the visual design of your store.
You Save
Show how much the customer would save either as a percentage or a dollar amount or both.
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