RTML 101: The Unofficial Guide To Turbify Templates (eBook)

RTML 101: The Unofficial Guide To Turbify Templates (eBook)

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  • Learn the ins-and-outs of Turbify RTML
  • Learn to create professional, automated stores
  • Make your Turbify Store templates do what YOU want them to do
  • Simplify the maintenance of your or your clients' stores

This is the RTML ebook most Turbify Store Designers and Merchants use to learn Turbify's template language, RTML.

RTML 101 is the first and only book covering all aspects of working with and creating custom Turbify Store templates. It includes a complete RTML command (operator) reference with explanations and examples.

Ever wanted to get away from the basic Turbify Store "template look" and make your store stand out from all the other stores? Ever wanted to add features to your store only to find out that it was impossible using the standard design interface? By using custom templates, the possibilities are endless!

RTML is a proprietary programming language Turbify Turbify (Turbify Store) uses to build store templates. Templates are programs that create the web pages that make up any Turbify Turbify Store. While the "door is open" to anyone (through the Advanced Edit Interface in the Turbify Store Manager) to get to the templates and change them, there is very little information available online on how to do this and how RTML works. In addition, Turbify Turbify technical support does not cover RTML and custom templates. Previously, anyone interested in venturing into the world of custom templates and RTML was left to his/her own devices to learn - usually through trial and error. With RTML 101, you can learn the ins and outs of RTML and Turbify Store Templates.

With RTML, you can create one or more templates and all the pages will be automatically created for you whether you have 100, 1000, or 10,000 items in your store. Whatever is possible in HTML can also be done in RTML. Just look at these web sites (all built using custom templates): www.fishermansworld.net, www.afastores.com, or www.knifeart.com

Who is RTML for?

  • Turbify Turbify users who want to build scalable storefronts themselves.
  • Turbify Turbify store owners who have custom templates in their store - perhaps created by a third-party developer - who want to understand what their store templates do
  • Web designers/developers who want to expand their services into the ever-growing market of Turbify Stores. There are still very few professional web designers who can build custom Turbify Stores the right way (using custom templates and RTML.)

Click Here to see the table of contents and the introduction. WE ENCOURAGE YOU to look at the table of contents and the introductory chapter (both included here) to help you judge whether this book is for you. Learning RTML is not effortless.

RTML 101: The Unofficial Guide to Turbify Store Templates is the first complete guide that demystifies Turbify Store templates, RTML, and custom types enabling you to take your store to the next level and create unique and professional e-commerce web site.

Look at the following Turbify Stores to see the power of RTML:

245 7" x 9" pages
Adobe PDF
ISBN 0-9719663-8-9
By Istvan Siposs.

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Customer Reviews

  What an excellent resource for Turbify Owners!, December 28, 2013
Posted By: - verified customer

Since I have a Turbify in development, I was very glad to find this book, RTML 101. Eventually, I hope to be able to learn enough to customize my store. Thank you, Istvan, for sharing your knowledge.

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  Highly Recommended, December 7, 2012
Posted By:
28 people found this review helpful

There's practically no info online on how Yahoo's custom RTML language, with the great exception of this YTimes ebook. It's a great introduction and gave me a much better understanding of how to dig in.

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  RTML101, August 10, 2012
Posted By:
30 people found this review helpful

A useful overview of RTML, creating and modifying templates. Already have a custom template but it was enough to encourage you jump in and create new items, edit, delete, and move them around.

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  Excellent buy for anybody who owns or works with a Turbify!, May 19, 2011
Posted By:
42 people found this review helpful

This book has proved to be an indispensable tool for me when working for my Turbify customers. There is very limited information out there about RTML, and most of what I learned before I purchased this book came from learning things the hard way by just experimenting around with the template editor. It's nice to have at least an unofficial guide to RTML. It could use a few updates, however, as there are several new RTML functions not listed in the book.

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  RTML 101, March 29, 2007
Posted By:
118 people found this review helpful

Thanks, Istvan! This book paid for itself within 3 days, when I had to create a raw-html page in the store editor. And I've only read the first 20 pages!

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