Search Inside Turbify Templates

Istvan "RTML" Siposs
By Istvan Siposs, 2024-06-19

When programming Turbify templates, I often encounter situations where I need to find the specific template containing particular text. For example, I might need to locate a reference to a JavaScript file, a global variable, a catalog field, etc. Although the Turbify template editor doesn't have a built-in search function, you can still perform such a search with a few additional steps.

I use a browser plugin called DownThemAll, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You can download it here:

Once you have the plugin installed in your browser, go to the Templates page and start DownThemAll. Ensure the configuration options are set as follows:

DownThemAll Configuration Options

Under "Subfolder," I usually enter the name of the store. When you download the templates, they will be saved in your Download folder, within a subfolder named whatever you entered in that field.

The plugin will save the actual web pages of each template. For example, the template called "page-body" will be saved as "page-body.html".

Once you have the templates downloaded, you can use any utility that can search for text within files. On Windows, I typically use Agent Ransack (, but DocFetcher is also a good choice ( as it's available for both Windows and Linux.

Happy template searching!