Turbify Seminar Testimonials

I got a ton out of this.

I have to filter the class info for each site I am working on, whether it's "product centric" or "information centric" and then apply the tips accordingly. But the idea of sending a searcher into the site calling NSEARCH functions was the bombshell. Duh. With our informational site, there is no correct landing page to drop them off at, and this solves that problem well.

I think you covered the topics you planned on covering very well certainly the book has lots of tips. I walked away with new knowledge that will return a very nice investment on the time and money I spent attending.

Operating a yahoo store is still one of the big secrets out there for small businesses who want to have a web site with checkout system. Your class and reference books give the regular guy a good look under the hood to show us how to increase the horsepower easily.

Elliot, San Diego, CA

The seminar was excellent! It was a real treat to meet Istvan, Michael and Rob in person. The depth of their knowledge on Turbifys is extremely impressive and we have experienced positive results from their design expertise and development skill firsthand. The information in the seminar was well presented in depth and was easy to follow and understand. I would strongly recommend that anyone who sells products or services in a Turbify attend this seminar - the information covered is the very framework for a for a successful Yahoo store and will open doors you never considered. This experience will pay for itself many times over.

Susan H.,AJM