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With our Share a Cart add-on you can let your shoppers fill their shopping cart, then from the shopping cart page they can send the cart's entire contents to their partner, friends, or themselves to be used on another device.

The cart's contents is sent via email, which will include the items in the cart along with a link. When the link is clicked, the contents are automatically loaded into (added to) your store's cart. This link can also be shared as is, on social media, text message, Messenger, or any other Chat app.

Please note: when the link is clicked, if your shopping cart already has items in it those items will not be removed. Instead, the shared cart's contents will be added to the already existing cart.

How to share your cart?

  1. Add items to the shopping cart
  2. Click the "Share Cart" button on the cart page.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address
  4. Click Send

A basic email template is provided by default. If you would like a more customized layout including your branding and images for each of the products in your cart, then we recommend select the "Custom Layout With Images" option (+$380).

We install this add-on into your Turbify store. There is a one time fee after which you will incur no further hosting or subscription fees.

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