Tabbed Product Specifications

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Save valuable screen real estate by breaking up your product description into pages with tabs )

How does it work?

You tell us what information each tab should contain. For example caption, warranty, shipping information, specifications, etc. We then set up the templates that will automatically take the information from your fields and display them in a tabbed arrangement.

Since the tabbing interface is JavaScript, but the underlying data (the tab's content) is all HTML, the search engines will still "see" the information in those tabs, even though only one tab is visible at a time.

Questions & Answers about Tabbed Product Specifications

Can some tabs have different content on each item page, but some have the same content across every item page?
Yes, for those that have the same content, we would set up a custom variable on the Variables page. That way those will be the same across all the pages.
Is there a limit to the number of tabs?
No limit. Typically each tab needs to have some field in your catalog. These can be custom fields as well as built-in, standard fields.
Will I be able to change the titles of the tabs myself?
The titles are set in the templates, so you can tell me what you want the tabs to be called and I'll set them up accordingly.
Will the tabs be dynamic? Meaning if there is no content the tab wont show?
Yes, that is correct.
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