Are you missing the Statistics and Reports pages from the Turbify Store Manager?

Turbify Store Statistics


The Store Statistics and Reports pages are still missing from the Store Manager post-migration, and there is no firm indication from Turbify as to when those pages will be available again.

What are the Store Statistics and Reports pages?

The Store Statistics and Reports pages in the Store Manager were a convenient place to check vital statistical information such as visitor count, revenue, and conversion rates. While such information can be gathered from other sources, such as Google Analytics, acquiring it requires multiple steps. Having access to those metrics directly from the Store Manager was an invaluable resource for many merchants.

If you are one of the merchants who relied on those pages for your everyday operations and can't wait for Turbify to reinstate the reports, our Turbify Store Statistics tool is for you.

What is the Turbify Store Statistics tool?

Our tool is a replacement for the built-in Store Statistics and Reports page. It gathers visitor and order data from your store and provides a convenient way to view:

  • Quick order statistics such as daily and aggregate order counts and values
  • Daily and aggregate conversion rates
  • Average order value
  • Detailed daily order tabulation
  • Revenue graphs
  • List of best-selling products for a selected period and overall
  • Visitor statistics (page views, sessions, visitors, orders)
  • Quick device statistics (desktop vs. mobile page views)
  • Quick operating system breakdown and chart
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly, and overall order summary and details with CSV download

Order Stats for a One Time Payment

When you order our Turbify Store Statistics tool, we install it in your store, and you can access the stats and reports anytime you want to. No subscription, no recurring fees.

Order History Import

When you order our Turbify Store Statistics tool, we import your existing orders at no additional charge if the total number of orders does not exceed 100,000. If your store has more than 100,000 existing orders, we will import all of them for an additional charge of $95.

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