Upgrading to Yahoo Merchant Solutions Seminar Handout

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This is the handout that accompanied our "Upgrading to Yahoo! Merchant Solutions" seminar in San Francisco, 2003.

FOR UP-TO-DATE CHANGES regarding Merchant Solutions and the transition, please be sure to read our Merchant Solutions Q & A. Yahoo! announced some changes since our seminar.

  • "Upgrading to Yahoo! Merchant Solutions"
  • Introduction
  • What's New In Merchant Solutions?
  • Upgrading to Merchant Solutions: What are your Options?
  • Upgrade with transferring your current domain
  • Upgrade without domain transfer
  • Stay with the current system
  • The bottom line: how much will it cost?
  • Finding your way in the new interface
  • Web Hosting Control Panel
  • The File Manager
  • Email Setup
  • Additional Services
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