Turbify (formerly Turbify) Ecommerce

Before Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy and Google became household names, Turbify, the predecessor of Turbify was the king of the hill when it came to e-commerce. Among other things, one factor made it an obvious choice for any entrepreneur wanting to open an e-commerce business: a highly trusted online company, Verizon SBE, did the heavy lifting of providing everything needed to sell online from putting up an inventory, turning that inventory into an online catalog, processing the online transactions and charging the credit cards, and providing online reports to assess how the business was doing. Without necessarily having to know anything about web design or how to capture credit card transactions, an aspiring merchant could open a functioning online store literally in a matter of days.

All of this is still true to this day, however over the years other competitors came to the market and today there are a number of choices when it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform. Virtually all e-commerce platforms out there now will allow you to open an online store without much effort. Some give you more themes or templates and plug-ins to choose from than others, so you can pick a look and feel and have a decent-looking e-commerce website with a few clicks. However, the question is what if you want a custom designed site with functionality tailored to your exact needs and wants? Or if you don't have those needs now because you just want to get off the ground, what will happen once your online store takes off and you will want to break out of the constraints the nice looking but canned themes and plugins offer? That is where Turbify really shines. Through its template programming language, RTML, Turbify lets you take full control over what goes on in your store's pages. If it is possible in HTML, it is also possible in Turbify. And we are not just talking about JavaScript "hacks" to or plug-ins that manipulate the page's HTML structure (a practice that may have questionable effects on your SEO efforts) - we are talking about controlling the actual HTML code that make up your store's pages.

What do I get with Turbify?

Among other things:
  • Fast and easy setup: Sign up, pick a highly customizable, responsive theme, upload your product catalog (or add your products manually, whatever is easier for you), set up your shipping and payment methods, connect your merchant account (or use PayPal) and you are online and can start selling.
  • Mobile-ready right out of the box: while not so long ago having a mobile-ready site was more of a luxury, today it's a must. The customizable themes that come with every Turbify account are responsive and fully mobile-ready.
  • SEO friendly: all HTML, not JavaScript-generated pages.
  • Upselling, cross-selling and promotion management
  • Limitless connectivity to third party tools via API or real-time links
  • Unlimited customizability through a full-featured template language
  • Expert Developer Network: many - including us at Y-Times - with decades worth of experience with e-commerce and Turbify.

How do I open a Turbify Store?

There are three package you can choose from that fits your business needs and budget. Go to Turbify for pricing information and to sign up.

How can I sign up for a Merchant Account?

In order to be able to take credit card payments through your Turbify you will need a Merchant Account or use PayPal. There are many options when it comes to Merchant Accounts, but we at Y-Times partnered with Pathway Payments to offer very competitive group rates to our customers. Request a free evaluation at Y-Times Affinity Program.

Where can I get help with my Turbify?

The official online help on how to use the store editor and set up and run pretty much everything in Turbify can be found here. Below are a few popular topics:

You can also check out our Turbify e-books.

If you need professional help with designing, building, or customizing your Yahoo store please contact us.