Switch your Store's LIB to CDN

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Give a speed boost to your Turbify by migrating your file library ("the lib") to Yahoo's CDN (Content Delivery Network)

With your store's files on the CDN, those files are served up from the servers that are geographically the closest to the visitor making your store pages faster. Not to mention that Google can detect if your web site is on a CDN or not and will view it more favorably if it is.

The CDN option is available to all Turbifys (legacy or Turbify). Switching over, however, is not automatic, because any CSS files your store uses will have to be checked and "prepped" to make sure your store won't break after the CDN switch-over.

To let us take care of the switch for you, order our CDN switch-over service now.

Read our blog post about this here.

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