Turbify Store End-to-End Conversion Optimization

Even though ecommerce as a whole is growing 15% a year the sales growth rate of 500 largest e-tailers is 8X higher than the overall market! We believe these large e-tailers are growing so fast because they have a little secret, they A/B test obsessively. Their aim is to squeeze every once of conversion juice possible.

We see no reason why mid-size clients can't enjoy the same growth rate. The challenge smaller clients face is they don't have the in-house resources or A/B testing know-how to add testing to their To Do list. This is why our end-to-end testing solution is such a hit.

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Why A/B Testing with Us Is More Cost Effective

Our team runs daily A/B tests on a wide range of Turbifys. These tests help us understand what conversion ideas provide the biggest boost. We keep track of the best performing ideas. That means our success rate improves every 4 months.

Also, because we run so many tests our testing timeline-- reviewing Google Analytics data, identifying points of conversion leakage, developing a test prototype, launching test, measuring test performance, declaring and implementing the winner-- has been so well optimized we're able to offer clients a 10X ROI.

Our dedicated specialists handle each step of the testing process, from idea development, to test setup to implementation of the winning concept. All you have to do is track our monthly performance!

If this is your first time considering A/B testing or if you want to get a feel for how we can impact your online sales please consider doing a $600 site audit with us. In the audit we'll review your Google Analytics data and identify 3 conversion opportunities. The purpose of the audit is to demonstrate our ability to develop great test ideas.

We're so confident you'll love our audit we back it with a money back guarantee. In fact, you don't even have to pay in advance, let us complete the audit and pay only if you're mega impressed by the report. We don't expect to get paid for average work.

Rishi Rawat
Rishi is the conversion specialist. He is the first point of contact with the client (and responsible for overall project management). Before we start testing Rishi analyzes the client's Google Analytics data to get a feel for user behavior metrics. Based on Rishi's initial impressions we present the client a quick audit (for $600, with no questions asked money-back guarantee). Once client approves audit Rishi starts building the first test concept.
Michael Whitaker
After client approves, the test concept is sent to Michael, who configures and launches the test. While the test is live Rishi and the client monitor progress closely and stop test once a statistical winner is found.
Istvan Siposs
Once statistical winner has been found Istvan implements winning concept. While Istvan is implementing test winner, Rishi is busy developing our next test concept.

To get started, please email hello@frictionless-commerce.com .