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Turbocharge your productivity and get more done in less time with our Turbify Productivity Pack. The result of years of experience and based on extensive feedback from Turbify merchants like you, the Turbify Productivity Pack is a collection of enhancements and features that let you use the Turbify editor to streamline your and your team's work. This carefully assembled utility pack includes the following additions to your Turbify Editor:

Rapid Edit
Allows you to edit any page through its link in the store editor. You don't actually have to go to a page and wait until it loads before you can hit Edit to make changes to it. This add-on feature adds a small red asterisk next to each link on every page. When you click the asterisk, you are taken to the edit form of that link as if you first clicked the link and then clicked the edit button.
Magic Edit
Originally invented by Rob Snell, well known Turbify and e-commerce guru, Magic Edit is a "hotspot" on your published site's pages. This hot spot is usually hidden so only you know where it is on the page, often somewhere in the footer or header. If you are in a browser session where you have already been in the store editor at least once, clicking the "Magic Edit" hotspot on your live site takes you into the Turbify editor with that page loaded. Imagine that you are browsing the published version of your store and notice a price error or the wrong image. Instead of firing up the store editor and locating this page to make a correction, you can simply hit the "Magic Edit" hot spot and at an instant, you are on that page but inside the editor. Make your change, hit Publish and you are done. The edit button is completely safe, only those who know where it is can click it, and only those who actually have access to your store editor will be able to get in. Anyone else accidentally (or intentionally) clicking Magic Edit will be transported to the main Yahoo Small Business page. And since all the store editor domains are excluded from search engine spiders by the global Turbify robots.txt file, this link does not "bleed" link juice or otherwise harm your SEO.
"Ugly but fast"
In any customized store of some size, certain template elements can be "expensive" in terms of processing time. Some of the most common "offenders" are breadcrumbs (especially multi-breadcrumbs), navigation bars, footer site maps, automatic manufacturer logos or back links, etc. These and similar template elements often take a long time to generate, but once done, they are delivered fast on the published site. Not so in the editor... The question is, do you need to see these things every time you edit a page in the store editor? Do you have to wait for these elements to generate every time you change a price for example? Probably not. We can hunt down these potentially time-consuming template elements and disable them - in the editor only - resulting in a dramatically faster store editor experience. There is a variable switch that lets you turn these features on at will if you need to see them in the editor at any time.
Hide out of stock
A common dilemma among Turbify merchants is what to do with temporarily or permanently discontinued items. You can, of course, delete them, but 1) some of those pages may drive good traffic to your site, and 2) if the item is available again, you would have to re-create it again in the editor. Another common method is to set the "Orderable" field to "No" for these types of products. Setting "Orderable" to "No" prevents your store's visitors from being able to place these items into their shopping cart, however, these items will still show up in their respective category pages. A much better solution is to make it so as soon as you change an item to be non-orderable, that item "disappears" automatically from all section pages. The item itself is not deleted, so if it got search engine traffic, it won't be cut off, but they won't "pollute" your category pages. In the store editor, these items still show up in their regular category pages but they are marked in some way (for example a red outline) so that you can spot them instantly while working in your Turbify editor.
List out of stock
As a continuation of the previous feature, this one is a page that shows up in the store editor only, and it lists all of your out-of-stock items (those whose "Orderable" field is set to "No"). This gives you a very quick access to all non-orderable products. Coupled with the "Rapid Edit" feature discussed above, if a temporarily out of stock item becomes available again, all you have to do is go to this page, hit its link (or its "Rapid Edit" link), flip the "Orderable" switch and you are done.
Don't publish
Do you ever need to make sure your team doesn't accidentally publish your store when not all changes are ready to be seen by the public? With the "Don't Publish" switch you can simply go to the variables page and turn off the "Publish" button. Just make it a policy that only you are allowed to flip that switch. Now, when the "Publish" button is turned off, the store cannot be published even accidentally.
Editor notes
Editor Notes is a special variable (accessible on your variables page) that lets you and your team write notes so that these notes are clearly visible in the header or footer of the store. The notes show up in the Store Editor only; if you publish the store, they won't be part of the live site of course. You can post notes like "please do not touch the baby stroller section until further notice," or "product reviews are being loaded", or whatever you want everyone in the editor to see.
Quick Panel
Quick Panel is a configurable "drop down menu" in the store editor. It resides in the top left corner of the screen, and when you move the mouse there, it rolls down revealing the links to some page you need quick access to on a daily bases. The links are configured through a custom variable, so you have full control over what shows up there. You can have instant access to your home page, or the css-edits page, or the "list out of stock" page discussed above.

Please Note: since the Turbify Productivity Pack is already priced very low, we are not able to give partial credit for functions that are part of this package and which may already be set up in your store.

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