Responsive Design for Turbify Stores

What is responsive design?

Responsive Design is the buzz these days, but what is it, and more importantly, do you need it? To put it simply, responsive design means having a web site that looks and feels "right" regardless of what device you are viewing it on, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone. While most, if not all, smart phones these days can display a web site exactly as it looks on a desktop computer, a responsive design is much more than just scaling the pages so they fit on the screen of various devices. It means rearranging, resizing, recoloring, and sometimes even removing certain parts of the pages so that interacting with the site on any device is comfortable, natural, and functional.

Do you need Responsive Design?

According to some studies, in 2015 there were over 800 million mobile-only users (that is, people who access the internet ONLY through their mobile devices.) Since the number of mobile users (and mobile devices) increases exponentially each year, this is some aspect of your online business you just can't afford to overlook. So the question is not IF you need to make your Turbify Store responsive, but WHEN you need to do it. There are two easy tests you can do to determine if you need to go responsive now or if you can put it off (but still address it soon.) Assuming you have some kind of an analytics package installed in your store (and nearly all Turbify Stores have Yahoo Web Analytics available), look at the "Device" report under "System". If you find that Mobile and Tablet users account for a large percentage of your traffic, you need to look into making your site responsive (or at least get a mobile-only site.)

Another easy test is to bring up your own site on your tablet or smart phone, browse the site and make a test purchase. If you find that doing so is hard, frustrating, or maybe even impossible, then it's time to go responsive. Let us do a free evaluation of your site and provide a quote a Responsive Design for you.

Responsive Design and SEO

Google now puts a "Mobile friendly" sticker next to such sites in the search engine results pages on mobile devices. They also announced that as of April 21, 2015 they use mobile-friendliness as a signal in their search algorithm. So whether or not your online store is mobile ready does have an impact now on SEO. Read our blog post about this subject here.

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Questions & Answers about Responsive Design for Turbify Stores

Can we use the store while it's being recoded? Adding products, changing prices, etc?
Yes, by all means. We will turn off the publish button any time it's not safe to publish and turn it back on when it is.
Once a site is responsive, does everything work the same on the back end? Download order files? Still use the store editor?
Yes. It's the same store, so if you are on your desktop or laptop you will notice no difference. The responsiveness aspect will only kick in on smaller devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
Will my site look different after the responsive make-over?
No. At least not on higher resolutions, such as on laptops and desktops. The responsive aspect only comes into play on lower resolutions (such as smaller mobile devices.)
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