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Are you having trouble with your Turbify's performance or just think it could do better? Let Y-Times perform a thorough review of your Turbify. Since 1999 we have built and worked with literally hundreds of Turbifys. We know what works and what does not work in e-commerce. Let us review your site and give identify the strength, and most importantly, weaknesses including:

  • Search engine optimization issues
  • Usability issues
  • Design issues
  • HTML issues
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Conversion rate recommendations

With our review, you can get to work immediately and improve your Yahoo Store's performance. There are recommendations that require custom RTML work, in such cases, we point you into the right direction to either make the improvements yourself or find additional resources.

We offer 2 types of reviews:

  • Quick Review for $250: we will review your store and - often within hours to a couple of business days - return with quick, actionable recommendations you can get to work on immediately.
  • In-depth Review for $750: with this review we will go through your store thoroughly and give you a detailed, illustrated document listing problem areas and recommendations. We will provide a credit of $500 towards a full redesign of your site, if you choose to go that route (the full site redesign engagement must be initiated within 90 days of delivering site review).

Disclaimer: while our review and recommendations are based on years of experience, the performance of any e-commerce venture depends on a number of factors, some of which include your marketing efforts and that of your competitors, the size and competitiveness of your particular business, and/or your pricing, the size and demographics of your target market, etc. Therefore, although there is a good chance your business will improve based on our findings (and your implementing our solutions), we cannot guarantee you results.

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Customer Reviews

  CFO, May 29, 2015
Posted By: - verified customer
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Hard to reach a person on phone but are very helpful with Turbify

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  Turbify Free Site Review , July 11, 2013
Posted By: - verified customer
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Very useful review with information I can use. BUT when I requested a quote from the reviewer I got no response after emailing twice..May not be correct protocol

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  store owner, October 19, 2012
Posted By:
17 people found this review helpful

they come up with a cost and will do great things for your store

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