Yahoo! Turbify - Turbify Price Comparison

Please Note: the spreadsheet and calculation here is provided on an "as-is" basis. While we believe the calculations are fairly accurate, if you use the spreadsheet provided here to justify your changing to any of Turbify' new pricing plans we cannot be responsible for that decision. Use the spreadsheet as a guideline only.

  1. Create a sub-directory on your computer and save our template into that directory by right-clicking here and selecting "Save target as..."
  2. Go to your store manager, and click Reports. At the bottom of that page, you'll see a link labeled "Export to Excel". Right-click that link, select "Save target as" and save the file into the same directory where you put my spreadsheet.
  3. Go back to the Store Manager, click "Graphs", then click "Revenue from Y!Network" and click "Graph". After the screen refreshed, right-click at the top on the link that says "Spreadsheet" and again, select "Save target as" and save the file in the same directory as above.
  4. Start Excel, and open the two files you saved (Report.csv and Data.csv), then open our spreadsheet (price-comparison.xls)

In our template, there are four yellow boxes where you'll have to manually enter some figures:

  • Number of Months: count the number of months included in the top table.
  • Number of Products: enter the number of products in your store. You can find it out by going to the editor, clicking Controls, then "Product Summary"
  • Yahoo Shopping Visits: here, you need to figure out how many visits you get from Yahoo Shopping per month. To find out, go back to the Store Manager, and click References. Find a line that has and note the number of visits next to it. This screen shows the number of visits in the last 180 days, so to come up with a monthly average, divide the number of shopping visits by 180 and multiply it by 30.5. Enter the result under "Yahoo Shopping Visits" in my template.
  • Pay Per Click Cost: go to, find the price corresponding to your products and enter the number into the spreadsheet.

Now you are ready to compare the numbers. If you believe any of our assumptions or calculations are incorrect, please let us know.